Lists and such

Either all of this planning and organizing I’ve been doing is going to pay off…or peter out.

Of course, my philosophy on list making is that it’s not really to tell me what to do exactly…but to straighten things out in my brain and give me direction and inspiration.

But, boy oh boy, wouldn’t my life be one smooth running operation if I followed my spreadsheet.  Because it morphed out of a list and into a spreadsheet.

And I laminated it.

I finally decided that yes, we would use a laminating machine, and purchased one this week.  And it’s so much fun, and so useful, it almost makes me giddy.  But maybe that’s the slight odor of hot plastic coming through the rollers that makes me giddy.

One of the first things I laminated were these handwriting sheets and lined paper for the girls.  They can trace their letters with a dry erase marker, erasing as needed/desired, then turn the page over to the blank lines and practice on their own.  It’s the most fun they’ve had with writing…I think it even beats writing letters in cornmeal on the kitchen counter.

Really my spreadsheet doesn’t contain much more than what usually happens.  It just adds a specific meal plan and some cleaning *cough* suggestions.  If it turns out to be brilliant, I’ll share it with you.  If it doesn’t, well…



One thought on “Lists and such

  1. I also love lists and laminating machines! Poor mama I am just waiting for abby to cut her hair too. I am pretty sure I will weep! Love you!

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