Week’s End

  • I like reading blogs with pictures and often skip blogs with lots of writing and no pictures.  But I don’t post many pictures on my own blog.  I find this discrepancy to be … discrepant… and think about apologizing in every picture-less post.  But I’ve decided it is more gracious to just be who I am (or rather, spend my half hour reading a book instead of uploading pictures) than apologizing all the time.  So, I’m sorry, guys, really.


  • I’ve been thinking of the Sabbath, apropos this post.  They are disturbing thoughts for a lifelong “Sabbath-keeper”…who is part of a ministry family.  I used to look forward to the ‘day of rest and gladness’…now I just look forward to the day of gladness.  But isn’t rest important, too?  How is this supposed to work?  We sure haven’t figured it out…


  • We went to Uncle Ben’s funeral this afternoon…a close family-friend family from Guam.  This family knows how to love and love well, and he passed peacefully and beautifully, surrounded by his children and grandchildren.  The funeral itself was a place full of old friends…including my long-lost best friend from high school.  What a surprise!  I haven’t seen or heard from Raquel in 12 years or so, and there she was, just exactly the same.  I was privileged to be Raquel’s (only) birth companion when she had her first baby…she was 18, I was 15.  We were a pair of babies ourselves… Blessed memories…


  • This week has passed in a smoother fashion than last.  I was faithful to my meal plan, tried some new recipes, cleaned up the house faithfully, laminated a few more things.  And now I sit here, at the end of a long day at the end of a long week, in my house that looks like a typhoon has passed through (Sabbath day disaster), and think how I had planned to do something other than cook and clean up the house tomorrow morning…but I guess I’ll be cooking and cleaning up the house.  That means I’ll have to put off deciding what to do about our new resident mice in the garage until another time.  (At least, I’m assuming it’s mice that are eating the birdseed and the oranges…)





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