Things to remember

Levi’s vocabulary and grammar is burgeoning day by day.  He’s always coming out with a word I didn’t know he knew.  He’s also faithfully practicing his three word sentences….such as the one the woke us up this morning, “Pappie…poo-poo…me!”

Or his complaint when Lia wouldn’t share the ball with him…”Lia…ball…me!”  He’s really got the sense of self down pat.

Amelie had her supper as a tricycle drive-in this evening.  She pedaled up to the table, ate her dinner, then motored away.  Very locomotive of her.

Lia continues her fascination with Shakespeare…I think we cleaned out the library’s Shakespeare section.  We’ve read all the comedies (children’s versions, of course), watched Twelfth Night, and spent hours playing as Viola and Olivia.  Or Olivia and Maria.  Or Maria and Viola.  Today we read our first drama…Romeo and Juliet.  Lia was noticeably affected by the drama.  I asked her which she likes better, comedy or drama, and she replied, “I like them both.”  Quite balanced, she is.


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