Playing Catch-up, as usual

Oh, for pity’s sake.  I haven’t been blogging because I had a stellar birthday that deserves a big post, complete with pictures.  But that’s too much for my post-children’s-bedtime self to handle.  And I must blog in chronological order!  Right?

In other words, I’ve suffered from another attack of perfectionism…get it all right, or not at all.  <sigh> I’ve killed the Big P monster time and again, but it crops up unexpectedly.

Perfectionism, I slay thee again!  Stab, stab.  Bury.

Things are ticking along here, peacefully.  I’m 15 weeks along now…Baby is the size of a navel orange.  Due to gestational appetite and inadequate exercise, I am increasing in width and breadth at a rather alarming rate…navel orange notwithstanding.

At least I’m growing symmetrically.  You could say that I’m <ahem> well-rounded.

Lia is still fascinated with Shakespeare.  We’ve only got one more renewal on our Shakespeare books at the library.  Then what will we do?  Ah, check them out with Lia’s card, that’s what.  Problem solved, check!

We watched Twelfth Night, but I decided against Much Ado About Nothing for the girls.  Too earthy, I think, for their tender years.  I, however, watched it almost twice. We’ve read books about the Elizabethan era, and Shakespeare’s London.  I, myself, have been doing some ‘adult’ reading, and haven’t been able to decide if I should bring up the possibility that Shakespeare possibly isn’t Shakespeare.  I’m just curious how Lia would take that bit of news.  But it’s probably unnecessary at this time.  Haha.

Their imaginary play is peppered with characters such as Olivia, Maria, Juliet, Romeo, and Viola.  There are even drawings of the inventive “Julia” Caesar (she’s a girl, apparently a cousin of Julius?).

Of course, after a morning of listening to the story of Saul/Paul on Adventures in Odyssey recordings, they were travelers to places like Tarsus and Damascus.  (And how could they kill Stephen just by throwing rocks?  That wouldn’t kill anybody!)

I rarely worry that my little girls aren’t learning enough.  At almost every point in the day, I can identify something that they are learning.  They spend almost an hour on the couch every morning “reading” while I clean up breakfast and make lunch.


It is infinitely easier to make lunch directly after breakfast for a number of reasons.  But it is currently most convenient because Levi is usually preoccupied with morning play.  Otherwise, the minute I begin to prepare a meal, he decides that he is perishing with hunger and must hang about in the kitchen (most often on my leg) with raised voice, wailing and lamenting his imminent demise if he doesn’t immediately get “noo-noos”.  (noodles = food)

I’ve been hit early with the second trimester nesting impulse.  Due to some events that made it necessary, closets are being organized (against our wills, Papa!  against our wills! ~Pirates of Penzance).  And I’ve been working on a number of projects, most notably upgrading our ghetto furniture into something with a little more beauty.

Very important in the last few weeks is that I have remained faithful to my New Year’s resolution to be more methodical.  Meals are still rather hit and miss, but I’ve made great HUGE strides in mess management.  Like, Gigantic.  I’ll tell you all about it soon.  I’m sure the method is here to stay, but it’s kind of silly to say “hey, this is a great way to do it, and I know because I’ve done it for two weeks!”.  That would be like those amazon reviewers who review the product BEFORE it arrives in the mail.


3 thoughts on “Playing Catch-up, as usual

  1. “Halloo” Glad to see you back on the blog. PLEASE pass along your ‘formula’ for organization. Liana has been studying Romeo and Juliet in school. Teacher will treat anyone who can come after school Mon. to ‘Gnomio and Juliet’. According to the paper the ‘bad’ things that make such presentation R-13 or some such is that they are subtle (innuendo rather than blatently spoken.) Will be interested in L’s eval.

  2. Have Amelie kiss that naval orange for me!! Lia can kiss the cantaloupe.

    Glad you have Devo back. Parting is not sweet sorrow, it’s just sorrow.

    Love you!!

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