Thoughts on Turning 30

Or, perhaps I should say, “Thoughts on having TURNED 30”.  For I’ve been 30 for a week and a day now, and should be an expert.

30?  Really?

Obviously I’m not quite an expert, and still occasionally baffled and incredulous that I am 30.  THIRTY.

Here is my (yes, single) thought on leaving my 20s.  I will in most likelihood never have a decade so productive again in my life.

Or, perhaps I should say, reproductive.

I graduated from college, I met and married my true love, and I gave birth to three (almost four!) children.

That’s a hard act to follow (although it looks rather lame typed out).  Major upheaval every one to two years, lots of adventure and blood, sweat, and tears.  Literally.  Pretty groovy.

I must admit that I’m so glad that I am firmly entrenched in motherhood as I turn 30.  I remember my mom when she was 31, 32…and it just seems like 30 is a good Mommy age.

Maybe 30 seems odd and ill-fitting, because apparently I’ve been unwittingly hanging on to an old identity.  I was a grade (or two?) ahead in school, which meant that as the years went by, it became a part of my identity to be the “young” one.  It seems like once you hit 30, age disappears and there will be no gasp of [horror? admiration?] that you are the age that you are, having accomplished what you’ve accomplished.  It’s no longer distinctive.

All my friends who have preceded me into their 30s swear that it’s great, and the best yet, etc. etc. Which is encouraging.

My friend Jennifer, responded to my facebook quiver thus ::

Happy Belated Birthday Leilani!!! Just think of turning 30 as experiencing your 20s again but with all the knowledge, and how-to-itiveness that you’ve already gained. It will be a blast!

I like that.

In this decade, I won’t have to teach myself basic things like…how to pick up after myself, close what I’ve opened, fix what I’ve broken (in a timely manner, without getting overwhelmed), wash dishes promptly, spray baby-poop stained clothes immediately.  I did that last decade.


But as to what that means I am going to do this decade…I’m not quite sure. I’ll have to think about it.  Grow into it.

Next year should be good, though.  31.  Like 31 Flavors.  Yum.

Oh, crumbs, now I have a craving for Jamoca Almond Fudge.


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