Flu rhymes with…

Sick day here.  Sick day in a series of sick days. We down five for five now, and the days are long.  The nights are longer.

We are out of fresh fruits and vegetables, except for bananas, celery, lettuce, and spinach.  And lots of frozen berries.  I only made it to Costco this week before being felled.

Ever notice how much you don’t want salad when you’re sick?

Smoothies instead.  Put the spinach in the smoothie and we’re good to go.

We celebrated Valentine’s day by being sick…together.  Very romantic.

The benefit of the kids not feeling so great is that it is now acceptable to lay around all day, watching movies, napping, and taking it slow.  (Vs. “what are we going to do nowwwww, Mommy?”) Thank heaven this is our trial month with Netflix.  Getting our (money’s) worth.

On the subject of movies, we ordered and watched The Taming of the Shrew with Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton.  I was less than impressed, on a variety of levels.

I was alarmed to see Lia imitating “Katarina” (the shrew) after the first half hour of the movie.  We agreed that she must never pretend to be Katarina.  She agreed with me quite nicely, but I could sense she was disappointed.  It would be so fun to yell and say insulting things and throw things around and generally throw hissy fits, all in the name of Shakespearean study.


One thought on “Flu rhymes with…

  1. Hopefully you were all sleeping when I called. Naps are good. Hope tomorrow is a better day. I am so glad you have netflix!!! Tough all at once but way better than 1 person a week for a month and a half!! Get well soon! Wish I was there to shop for you and make soup and pamper you all.

    Love you!!

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