Lia-isms, Lost and Found

A few months ago I did the unforgivable and dumped my pile of “in transit” papers in a baby wipes box and put it in my closet. This was probably in October, judging from the contents.  I finally got up the nerve to clean out the box today.

There’s a reason why these papers lie around…so many of them can’t be thrown away and yet defy filing.

Among other things (like now defunct tax papers -oops- and a $100 cash gift -score!-), I found a couple of scraps of papers with notes of things Lia had said.

Lia, peeking around the corner :: Stay clear so no folks see you.

Amelie, incredulously :: What???!

Lia explains :: Folks are people.
Or back when we had been reading books about St. Francis.  And Lia was assigned to learn the song “O When the Saints” for piano.  St. Francis will be one of those!


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