Paper Clutter Potential…goodbye

I wasn’t intending to join Simple Mom’s decluttering shebang.  After all, I’ve been faithfully overhauling closets and other unseen ‘crooks and nannies’ in the house for weeks now.  Doing what my house needs when my house needs it.  Or when I need it.

And then I got to the end of last week and realized that I had inadvertently done the week’s hotspot…the master closet.  Out of necessity, you understand…it was time for the big maternity clothes switcharoo (goodbye small clothes, I’ll see you again in two years…a year and a half, if I’m lucky).

I didn’t get any ‘before’ pictures, so it seems rather unfair to post the ‘after’ picture…I wouldn’t want anyone to think my closet looks this good normally.  Of course, I’m fully intending for this to become the new normal…but you know how it goes.

Also, I don’t have the patience to take one picture and then work for 30 minutes with the camera cord at odd angles, getting cramps in my wrist trying to get the picture to upload.  I must have at least 200 photos to make that worthwhile.

Once I realized that I was on the Simple Mom decluttering bandwagon whether I wanted to be or not, I decided to do my best and join in the fun.

This week’s assignment is paper clutter.  Lucky me, my paper clutter is currently one very small stack on the kitchen counter.  Trifling.

That doesn’t include the two file drawers that have been quietly hiding in the closet for three years.  Trifling.  Certainly not bothering anybody.  At the moment.

Of much more concern is all the stuff that ends up on the counter.  My counter paper pile isn’t usually trifling.  I just happened to be lucky this week.

So rather than reducing the paper clutter that exists, I have taken my own spin on the assignment and have been working on reducing the clutter that ends up on the counter.

This way I don’t have to take a photo, you see.

Mail Clutter

I’ve signed us up with the National Do Not Mail List. And have put Devo in charge of saving me one piece of mail from every junk mail company.  There were great ideas and resources in the Simple Mom post and comments.  Reduce waste!  Reduce stuff that comes into our house!


I’m researching options for getting rid of…wait for it…my lists.  My paper lists.  My paper lists that I love.  My paper lists that proliferate.  And then get stolen or drawn on by small people.  I have an iphone now (thanks, love!) and want to make all those lists available to me on-the-go.  No more lists on paper napkins in the car, jotted on the backs of envelopes, organized in a child-enticing notebook.

Dropbox? Can’t edit on the iphone.  Google docs?  Wi-fi is not always available. … I’m working on a solution.

I am not, however, going to move to making my grocery lists on my iphone.  I have a line up of magnetic notepads on the fridge, one for each store, and they work magnificently.  Wiping hands, putting in passcodes, and finding necessary app does not work in the middle of meal prep (which is when I add to my lists…)

<This would be an excellent place to put a photo of my beloved grocery list line up.  It’s so pretty.>


I’m thinking seriously of ditching a paper calendar and going techno.  I looove my calendar.  (Well, I don’t love it quite as much since somebody drew on it’s pretty green cover, but I love seeing things at a glance and I love writing things down).

But that calendar is mostly just clutter on the kitchen counter…someone is always moving it or putting something on top of it (or drawing on/in it).  And when I get appointments through email, I don’t often stand up and fetch the calendar and pen.  I mostly just let the appointment lie quietly (sometimes forgotten, oops) in my inbox.

So I’m thinking google calendar.  And an iphone app called Calengoo, which has really great reviews and syncs with everything.  I like syncing.  I’d like it better if it didn’t involve wires.

And if Devo moved over to google calendar, we wouldn’t have to spend stressful half hours going over our schedules…we could just sync!

I’ve started a trial run, I like it already.

Misc. (Mess)

Receipts aren’t a problem, we stuff them in an accordion folder by month.  No sorting unless needed, dump after taxes.

Mail isn’t a problem (Devo takes care of that, and very ably, I might add).

Coupons are a problem.  I only keep coupons from Joann Fabrics, Michaels, and Costco.  But I paper clip them to…my paper calendar.  Ummm….

Children’s art/projects are a problem.  I’ve considered storing them in file folders…one file per year per child.  But I’m also thinking of getting rid of almost all of our file drawer space (since we’ve obviously used it so consistently and extensively, cough).  Should they eventually reside in a file storage box, instead of a file drawer?

As for the misc. (“mess”, as my Grandma calls it), I think a simple filing system will take care of that.  So perhaps I should deal with the real paper clutter this week.


5 thoughts on “Paper Clutter Potential…goodbye

  1. And if it all works according to schedule – PLEASE come and help your poor old grandparents. Seems it accumulates faster than we can carry it out. At least – fortunately we now have a recycling program that is helping. Gma

  2. Hey…child art idea….pick one art project a month and save it (file cabinet/box whatever) then put those projects together in a book and then put the book in your keepsake box. You could just scan all the art into the computer and keep it…but there are somethings that the originals are just more precious…kid art is one of them in my opinion.

  3. Grandma, I’m afraid paper clutter is an intensely personal thing, hahaha. What you really need is Devo who tosses things before they get in the door. 🙂

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