Limp Creativity

Maybe I should go back to napping every day.  It would leave me with some get-up-and-go in the evenings, after the children are tucked in and settled down.

Which is pretty much the only time I have the quiet and space necessary to do creative things that involve my mind.

Like stringing together sentences.  Coherent sentences.  Or deciphering sewing patterns. Or doing something other than staring blankly at a screen or a book.

Without a nap, 7PM finds me like a stalk of limp celery.  Half hanging over the edge of the refrigerator shelf.

Limp celery is incapable of creativity.

Or rational thought.

Or any thought, for that matter.

There are about a hundred things that I’d like to do this evening ::

(let’s make a list, shall we?)

  • work on the slipcover I’m sewing for an armchair (out of a painter’s drop cloth!)
  • finish the doll dress I’m making for Amelie’s birthday
  • work on putting together the Easter program for church
  • blog about something other than the immediate bleary-eyed and unfocused sensations that manage to reach a muddled brain
  • write a novel, just like that
  • practice (boy, that’s a novel idea)
  • make something pretty
  • cook something yummy
  • CREATE SOMETHING (this one counts for the other 92 things on my list of 100…in case you were counting…um, I actually had to take a minute to do the math, correctly)

I suppose I should remember that I am currently involved in an full-time creative project.  Called gestation.

But I have more untapped creativity! I do!

It’s just that it’s only available at about 10AM.

How do you make an appointment with peace and quiet at 10AM, and (possibly more tricky) how do you get 7PM’s work-done/deeds-finished/creativity-ready self to show up?


3 thoughts on “Limp Creativity

  1. Oh boy. Oh yes. I know. You are creating a human — that definitely counts. 🙂 Do girls play with legos? 😉 Those are a great time-spender/distractor from the mommy doing her own thing…. ;p

  2. I feel the same way and I’m not gestating. I am currently a single-parent to a toddler though, and so I am giving myself a few slacker points. I had such high hopes of finishing Amelia’s birth announcement (cross stitch) originally before Mom went to visit, and then before they came up here…and now I don’t even know if that will happen.

  3. DON’T RETIRE!! ‘truly it only gets worse.’ I used to teach full time, go to school, had 5 kids at home and did a lot of the sewing for myself and the girls. Lost the energy in Sri Lanka.

    By 8:30 Gpa is ready to go to bed – only it will actually be 10 before he is finally ready to turn out the light. I have more energy in the evening that I do in the morning when he is raring to go. He goes for his walk and I work on getting soul and body together and in functional mode.

    Always thankful for my crochet.

    NO complaints! For two very old codgers – watch out. We aren’t through quite yet.!

    MUCH love to you and your growing family. Too soon they will grow up and be on their own. – – Gma

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