Amelie’s 4th Birthday

Amelie’s 4th birthday has come and gone.  And suddenly, she’s not three anymore.  She really is four, and seems like it, too.

Sometimes I wish I knew Amelie as a three/four year old before knowing her as an infant. I didn’t really start understanding her until she could communicate with words…and boy it’s interesting finding out what goes on behind those big blue eyes.

<insert artsy photo of big blue eyes>

Another small birthday party.  I love it.  There are so many people in our lives we’d love to have celebrate with us, but these small parties are just right for optimal enjoyment.

She had been planning her birthday party for at least three months, changing her mind almost daily.  (She’s already planning her 5th birthday party).  A ballet party, a princess party, a fancy party, and round and round again.  Being that most of her chosen guests were not small girls, we steered into a compromise of sorts…a Royal Birthday Ball.

<insert photo of party>

A Royal Birthday Ball Brunch.  Complete with Amelie’s current favorite food, pancakes.  And, for Devo, who thought it added a flair to our event…German Pancakes.

Everyone chose a title and a name.  Amelie was Princess Dora.  Lia was Queen Ella.  I was Lady Lulubell.  Devo was, and I quote, “Fryer” Frederick.  Levi was Muster, the Royal Puppy.  Also present were a Court Jester, a Servant, a Count and a variety of other similarly titled people.  The basket of accessories provided everyone with a cape, at the least.

She made out like a bandit, gift wise.  Our friends and family did an outstanding job of choosing gifts that are fun, useful, educational, (and Mommy approved).  Score!  Not only that, most of them will last throughout the childhoods of all our children.  Double score, double Mommy approval!


3 thoughts on “Amelie’s 4th Birthday

  1. Hooray!! Four just seems sooooo much older than three. She’s a big kid now! Sounds like a very fun party. Well done, again. 🙂

  2. Happy! Happy! Happy! Enjoyed the skyping of the ‘grand opening’. Levi’s comment, “MY turn! and of course it is and only 3 weeks away!

  3. And the planning of the birthday party for months – and that isn’t 4 – and months is still happening for Liana. So much fun derived from the planning – always makes me a little scared B day will be a let down! Glad Amelie’s party was so much fun – sounds delightful – want to see pics of that royal puppy!! Glad we “scored” in the mommy approval bracket – phew!

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