Typewriter immediate update


Even Levi loves it!

The girls set it up on the kitchen counter and someone has been happily typing away most of the afternoon. They love to have me ‘read’ their compositions, but I must admit that my enthusiasm for reading (sounding out) them has waned as they have become more verbose.

Lia has discovered the fun of doing a bit of copywork…any nearby words are fair game. Pippi is a particularly fun word to type.


2 thoughts on “Typewriter immediate update

  1. Pictures! Hurray. Did you get a new camera? Fix the old one? Get a card reader or wrestle down the cable until it was forced to give up the goods?

  2. No, no, yes, no. 🙂 Got the card reader, uploaded the pictures…but my computer is on it’s death bed and often cannot handle opening and editing and exporting photos. Especially at the end of the day. Lucky for me, I’ve discovered the iphone and the wordpress app! So if the pictures are less than excellent, photography wise, we’ll blame it on the iphone. 🙂

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