Baby Bonnet

McCall’s 6214…from 1961. Vintage! That little blue jacket at the top is darling. And those booties are tempting…they look sooo easy.

I see on the pattern that it originally (in 1961) cost 50 cents…I paid 25 cents at our church’s thrift shop. Love that place.

This weekend, I made a baby bonnet for Trisha’s new baby girl, due to arrive at the beginning of the summer.  Because every baby girl needs a fresh, crisp white bonnet to shade round cheeks from the sun.

I made a change on the embellishments (my lace collection is sadly lacking), and instead affixed a very large fabric flower to the side. Because every baby girl needs absurdly big flowers. It turned out quite charming.  I can’t wait to see it on their new baby girl.  (I did try it on the only baby available…a boy…but out of consideration for said baby’s father, didn’t take a picture.  But it was pretty darling.)

I’m tempted to make one for our baby…and if Baby is a boy, then it will either become a gift or a doll bonnet.


4 thoughts on “Baby Bonnet

  1. I love it, Leilani! The bonnet is hanging with the handmade bibs and nursing cover, just waiting to be used.

    I’m glad you chose to make a fabric flower because they’re “in” right now. I noticed that JCrew has been using fabric flowers on all their (incredibly overpriced) little girls clothing. I need to look up tutorials online.

  2. I was sure I also had that set of patterns. Drove me to the pattern drawers – nada – but a jillion others. Shame, shame on my very creative grand=daughters. You’ve driven me to those pattern drawers and reminders of all the fun I’ve had over the years making doll clothes, stuffed animals, felt books, etc. Now – it seems easier to sit and crochet rather than sew at the machine. BUT – today is the day I am going to sew. (Always a ‘first, I have to’. Yes get the sewing machines out and going.)

    Beautiful bonnet!!

  3. Absolutely adorable!! My sewing is kind of focusing on Benjamin’s curtains…but I got to the part where I no longer needed help and promptly started piecing a baby sampler. I’m slightly hopeless. 🙂 Laurel often puts Amelia in these little crocheted headbands with the fabric flowers affixed. Very cute. 🙂

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