Looking at…maternity sewing edition

I’ve been desperately trying to finish up my pile of half-completed sewing/mending projects.  Amelie and I completed three out of four of them this afternoon (it’s that fourth one I’ve been dreading), so I’m almost ready to take on new projects.

Being that I have one short sleeve shirt and three pairs of maternity shorts (from Lia’s pregnancy, seven summers ago), I think it wouldn’t be amiss to sew a few clothes for myself.  Easy clothes.

And not the ugly things that butterick, etc., call maternity clothes.  Yuck.  (Did any of you find a pattern that you liked?  I haven’t spotted one yet…)

A dress for hot weather :: tiny happy makes shirring look super easy.  Except that I don’t have the shirring elastic.  Yet.  And what kind of underclothing (<cough> undergirding) would I wear with this?

The easy maternity skirt from DIY maternity ::  With a ruffle, perhaps?

Devo has already donated his castoff shirts for this Men’s button shirt to maternity shirt (also with peasant edition).


But the real question is :: am I going to hide the varicose veins that are spreading like the black (and blue) plague over my right leg?  Or do I wear them like a pregnancy badge of honor?  (Skirts shorter or longer?)


One thought on “Looking at…maternity sewing edition

  1. My vote is always for comfort over style. If someone doesn’t like my varicose veins, they don’t have to look at ’em. Besides baby, you usually have at least one wiggly on your lap. How about a time honored muumuu – cool, loose yet covering. I do have patterns for that. Gma

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