Wee Wonderfuls – Margot

Finally FINALLY finished the other half of Lia’s Christmas present.  Four and a half months later.  She’s been playing with Dressed Down Margot (from Wee Wonderfuls), but finally Margot is as she was designed to be…flip her skirt over her head and voila! Dressed Up Margot is on the other side!

OK, so he has nothing to do with this post.  But he did help me pin on Margot’s buns.  And he’s awfully cute.


2 thoughts on “Wee Wonderfuls – Margot

  1. She is beautiful!! Looks like you have been more successful with your projects than I have been wit mine. Made a huge mess in LR and front BR. Fabric and stuff strewn thither and yon. Now I’ll just shut the BR door and get ready for Sabbath. Love Gma.

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