Maternity Dress #1

I say “Maternity Dress #1” because I’m hopeful that there will be more.

And there probably will be.

Once I get over how many ways an “easy” project can go awry.

Such as getting the skirt fabric caught in the serger…I only had 12 inches to go…and cutting a hole above the ruffle.  Half hour detour to detach ruffle and set it in place…this time three inches higher.


Other than the general misalignment of the stars today, it really was a pretty easy project.

I used this great tutorial from tiny happy, and shirred my way to summer happiness.  Shirring really is easy.  I added a ruffle for pizzaz and thick straps so that I can wear my <ahem> regular undergarments and be well prepared for the usual (and often dangerous) skirt tugging that comes with my position in life.

photo credit :: Amelie    editing credit :: yours truly, who didn’t want to scare the online world with the face I happened to be making at the moment the photo was taken…besides, it was blurry.


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