These photos were taken on days much more relaxed than this one has been.

Just look at those cheeks.  He only makes this face when he is absolutely tired out, can’t…go…any…farther.  He looked just like this in the car on the way home…an hour after bedtime, after a busy day with no naps.  You just have to kiss that little place where there should be a chin line, but it’s melted into one big cheek.

If I remember correctly, the day this photo was taken, the girls and I got in a number of the advertised “free kisses” (see shirt) before he woke up to protest.  Delicious.

And the little girls in their Christmas nightgown, enjoying a quiet morning read. They look like little Victorian angels in their nightgowns…little white clad beams of joy flitting around the house.

I see the story on the back of Amelie’s book is about “Joseph’s New Coat”… today we got to go in a real Bedouin tent, spin wool into thread, and see pottery lamps and vessels from the time of Jacob and Joseph.

Yesterday I was suffering from an unusual and acute attack of feeling home bound.  After a very full day today, I’m ready to be back home and in our usual rhythym.


5 thoughts on “Relaxed…

  1. The first picture of Levi is darling. What a sweet boy all snuggled up close to daddy. 🙂 Awwww. Our kids never fall asleep anywhere besides their beds…and the car. And I don’t dare take pictures for fear of waking them…

  2. Little angels – look like confirmed book worms to me. YEAH!! Good readers can travel the wealth of the world. It’s all there and often in beautiful pictures,

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