Alumni (alumnus? alumna? alumnae?)

This past weekend was alumni homecoming for the university campus with which our church is connected.  Said university also happens to be my beloved alma mater.

And either this year or next year is my 10th (TENTH!) year reunion.  Class of 2001…or 2002.

I don’t really belong to either class, and kind of to both…graduating in December will do that to you.

Marking ten years, I and my accomplishments spent the afternoon roaming the campus with friends.  But not in any sort of nostalgic way.  More from a “you mean there’s this huge spread of grass and trees AND a natural history museum a ten minute walk from our house and we never come here??” point of view.

But when I took this picture of my little girls and their most beloved friend, there was definitely a moment of nostalgia.

Every year, alumni weekend has me thinking about the “alumni of the year” award.  It is always awarded to someone who has “succeeded”…made a lot of money, climbed high (and important) in the working world, become famous, etc.

I’ll never make it on to that list.

The job I took after graduation doesn’t exactly attract prestigious awards or outside laud and honor.  Those four years (and one quarter) and all that tuition … all that education and enrichment…that has all been invested, poured out, in the present, the development, and the future of four people. Four small people.

It reminds me of a scrap of one of Devo’s sermons…he quoted someone from somewhere and here I’ll give you my own paraphrase…

It’s not so much that we should be 100% successful, but that we should be 100% faithful

I’d love to see an award list dedicated to the 100% faithful.

(Of course, let’s not kid ourselves, I wouldn’t make it on that list either.  But I’d be all agog to meet the people who do.  What a rich list that would be…)


2 thoughts on “Alumni (alumnus? alumna? alumnae?)

  1. I, too an alumnus. I got my Ed.D. during that short time that La Sierra (at least the grad school) was a part of Loma Linda University. I’ve always thought it interesting that I was a Loma Linda drop-out of nursing in 1948 and 40 years later (Obviously a very slow learner) in 1988 got my Ed.D. Time flies – but it is an interesting journey.

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