Vacation? Please?

This week is way too crowded to do justice to all the momentous occasions.  Holy Week, Levi’s 2nd birthday, four days of Easter at our church, Earth Day.

I think Earth Day will get the nix.  Sorry, Earth Day, Jesus trumps this year.

And taking high priority are the multitude of details that come with getting the two Saturday Easter services off the ground.

The other high priority is to try to hold on to some shreds of sanity.  I’m not too optimistic about this one.

Oh, and I should be planning our much needed two week vacation that will commence immediately after Easter.

Query :: is it possible to take a vacation that is NOT a staycation and spend very very very little money? 

(Staycations are great, don’t get me wrong, but I can’t even remember the last vacating vacation we went on.  We’d like to vacate, if possible.)

I have a hankering for camping in a place that has treesGreen trees.  After all, summer is coming and soon we will be living in the brown desert. Green needed now.

We know where we want to go (even mapped out the best campsites last time we were there).  But we don’t have a tent.

Now, we could get one of those costco-style dome tents.  My mom always prefers the palatial style tent…there were no pup tents in my childhood (unless you count countless viewings of the original Parent Trap).

But those things are bulky.  And heavy.  And what if we end up getting a third seat for our car and eliminate all cargo space?  Or what if we go hog wild and turn out to be backpackers?

In other words, I think I’d like something lighter.  If we got a backpacker tent, then it could work no matter what.  But I don’t see any that work for six people.

TimLaura?  You guys registered at REI for your wedding, you take your children camping within the first two weeks of life…I’m counting on you for expert advice!  (Any other expert advice is also welcome, not to exclude the rest of you!)

And is there any way to pack (and unpack) all this stuff without it being incredibly overwhelming?

These are the details I still need to work out.  We do have a stove and hot chocolate, so otherwise we’re good to go.

Oh, but we need marshmallows.  Can’t forget the marshmallows.


4 thoughts on “Vacation? Please?

  1. Wish you could just drop in here. Wouldn’t need to bring much more that your bathing suit and a couple of light garments. I know where there is an excellent ‘bed-n-breakfast’ – lots of green (even if it is tangentangen) with TLC for all included. It is the getting here and back that is so exhausting.

  2. Grandma, we’d love to be exhausted from traveling! Does that bed and breakfast serve honey whole wheat waffles with nut butter, strawberries, and whipped cream? 🙂

  3. We typically split our family up among several tents (I honestly don’t know how many tents we have, I think the number fits on one hand). Typically the youngest gets his own tent (or his own room in the palace) because it’s quiet. The rest of us pile into another tent or two.

    Palatial Tent:
    Lots of room for whatever.
    Ability to stand up inside.
    Provides sun protection.
    Keeps the bugs out.

    Disadvantages –
    Collapses when wind speed tops 10 mph.
    Waterproofiness is marginal.
    No thermal protection.
    Takes time to construct

    2 or 3 Man Costco Tent
    Advantages –
    When full of gear, wind resistant.
    Slightly warmer than the palace.
    Allows greater spacing to promote sleep and discourage talking.
    Trivial Assembly.

    Disadvantages –
    Waterproofiness still in question.
    Usually not long enough. Tall man must sleep in fetal position requiring the space of 2 people.
    Terrible for trying to do anything (like playing games) that requires sitting upright.

    3 or 4 season tent (full rain fly)-
    Withstand Banana typhoon (if you remember to stake it well)
    Highly rain resistant (if you dig a trench)
    Much Warmer on a cold night.
    Dark fly resists “Glory of the Lord” effect when sun comes up.

    Not fun to sit up in.

    DIY/Ultralight Tent (tarps and string)
    Resistant to “Glory of the Lord” effect.

    Often not bug proof.
    Often requires more time to setup.

    Tim’s Favorite,default,pd.html

    Sleeps 15 (plenty of room for future family growth)
    Insect Proof
    Great for basecamp (it’s often seen on Everest).
    Awesome factor
    Wind resistant

    15 Poles
    Hard to find a big enough campsite.
    It costs almost as much as taking the family to Guam.

  4. Tim, we got a huge kick out of your favorite tent. Thanks for the low down…we ended up borrowing a 6 man dome and it worked fairly well. That’s probably what we’ll go for for now…(comparatively) affordable, easy to set up, enough room for us all. But I’d REALLY like to get a backpackers tent, cool.

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