Happy 2nd Birthday, Levi!

Levi is two years old today.  He spent much of his day singing the happy birthday song to himself.

I cannot believe it has been two years since the night he was born.  He has been such a joy, a sweet baby boy…and now he’s not so much of a baby anymore.  But he still likes to “nuggle, Mommy’s bed, IN!”

He prefers Pappa during the day and Mommy at night.  And as long as we get a small snuggle and then back to bed without a hitch, Mommy doesn’t complain.  I especially love wrapping him in his blanket to snuggle buggle…and then pretty soon, a sleepy little voice asks for “bed IN please”.

He is drawn to anything and everything resembling a ball…just like his father, Devo’s mom tells me.  He can already run the length of the house at full speed, kicking a ball in front of him.  Actually, he’s been doing that for months now and has been working on other equally impressive catching, throwing, tossing, kicking feats.

When it comes time for the kids to choose a snuggie for bedtime…he most often ends up with a ball in his crib.  Or a lion, whom he has named “Doggie”.

But he’s well-rounded…he can engage in imaginary relational play with the girls, with his little figurines entering the conversation and drama.

And he loves to pretend to be a dog.  He’ll trot around the house on all fours, little pink tongue hanging out.  <pant, pant, pant>  Then he comes up to me and says, “Pet ME please”.  And how can I resist a scratch behind the ears and a tickle on the tummy?

Happy birthday, Levi!  I promise we’ll celebrate more on Sunday!


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