Coming up to Easter

This week, our entire household has been focused on the countdown to tomorrow’s Easter service.  The church has four days of services this year, but Sabbath happens to be under Devo’s jurisdiction (with creative input from Leilani)…so you can understand that it holds a vast amount of work, time, and focus for our family.

It’s been a week of late bedtimes (either because we put the kids in late, or because they just won’t. go. to. sleep), meal prep disorder and too many defaults to eating out (ugh, I am so done with cheap food), days where the morning routine doesn’t get finished until 11am, or the lunch dishes are still in the sink at 3pm, and days and days where the kids entertain themselves for hours on end while Devo and I work on “shhhhh, Mommy and Pappie have to concentrate” kind of projects.

And I recommit myself to focusing on here, on now, on home.  On things that do not, by nature and necessity, exclude the smaller members of the family.

Lesson learned.  Again.

But in the meantime, it is also incredibly rewarding to birth an idea and see it come alive and take on its own shape and power.   I have the premonition that we possibly should have arranged to provide kleenex at the church doors.  I must remember to tuck some in my purse in the morning.

Lia has been most interested in reading the daily accounts of the Last Week.  Lots and lots of questions from both girls.  I have tried hard to find ways for her to understand how Jesus offended and infuriated the Pharisees.  Verbal insults and intellectual and theological challenges do not register powerfully yet in her six year old experience.

I have also not quite been able to define the concept of (Peter’s) denial to either her or Amelie’s satisfaction. “Mommy, what does ‘deny’ mean?”

But Lia will cajole me every day until we’ve snuggled up on the couch and read through the day’s events, with Lia reading over my shoulder.  Amelie informs me that she prefers to play quietly…she doesn’t like reading books without pictures.  (Levi, if you were wondering where he is, is tucked into his bed before reading time commences).

For tomorrow, I plan to sit quietly with my children, and set aside the harriedness of the week.  And we will experience this together, as the old story becomes new once again.


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