My new (much shorter!) haircut, minus a smile. Because apparently I can’t smile and hold still at the same time.

Of course, it will never look the same again. I have neither the patience nor the skill to round brush and blow dry at the same time.

And I’ll have to wash it tonight because of the whole ‘heightened sense of smell’ bit. Right now, I’m all about free and clear products and taking out the trash frequently. Or more frequently than frequently.

I told Kelly that I just want to rub something in it and go. Technically, that is not true….what I’d really like is to just brush it and go. But I think that’s like asking for the moon.

Brush-and-go + me = winner of fluffy sheep look-a-like contest = ewww

And I like fluffy sheep.

I’m loving the new length so far and trust that it will be light and easy for the summer, and do a better job of masking my disappearing jawline than the long style. Haha.

–posted from my iPhone while waiting for the three naughty kittens to just go to sleep already!


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