Crazy crazy week

What a crazy week it’s been. Some mischievous fairy must have wiggled her nose at me, because everything has just gone wrong.

I did get a haircut…that went smoothly. But everything else, sheesh.

You might notice that we are not on vacation. Postponed until Monday. Note to self: too many options for vacation immobilizes me.

Made a well-researched trip to REI to buy sleeping pads and tin cups. Got home with the tin cups…and two pads that were the wrong size, having been charged for three wrong things.

And the library, oh the library. Had to pay for two lost books that I had searched for everywhere. Only to discover that in the weeks of searching, I had neglected to return the last batch of books. (Can we say “late fees”?)

So I go in and end up paying $83. I didn’t cry in front of the librarian. I made it to the door of the car before falling apart.

To add insult injury, mere hours after being an honest person and paying what I owe in a timely manner, the girls FOUND THE BOOKS. In a place I had already looked.

Oh, for pity’s sake.

So today I went to return the books (and retrieve all but $10 per book charge) and couldn’t find the two slips. I found the receipt, but not the slips. Went in anyways, only to be turned away until I could produce the magic pieces of paper.

Luckily, I remembered at last that I had put them carefully and thoughtfully into the library bag. Back to the library.

An hour later I have the refund for one book, and a promise that the city will send me a check for the other.

Etc., etc., et cetera, puke.

Today was much better. I felt like a human being and we managed to persevere and clear up a number of this week’s bungles. Phew.

Devo really came through for me this week as I fell apart into a blubbering mess. I’m sure he’s as relieved as I am to have my regular sane self back.

Next week, we are going to be camping in a quiet spot, enjoying the trees and the birds and hot chocolate with marshmallows. It’s bound to be better.


2 thoughts on “Crazy crazy week

  1. Oooooh, I EMPATHIZE!!! How frustrating. Glad there was a bit of resolution. I sincerely hope you find warm sleeping bags and all the equipment you need to keep you all dry and happy!!

  2. I am glad you got all the yuck out the way in one week and now your next week is to go smoothly and restfully! Enjoy camping! Love You!! Thank you Devo, you wonderful, wonderful person!

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