Pinterest and the Quest for Beauty

A short evening browse through Pinterest is quickly becoming a favorite time of day.  The things ‘pinned’ there are so beautiful.

                                                                               Source: via Leilani on Pinterest

And sometimes, beautiful and useful.  Which is the best of all.

I’ve always been fascinated with organization.  When I was small, a visit to an office supply store just had me agog.  By the time I got to college, the preferred antidote to high levels of stress was a stroll through the closest equivalent to The Container Store.  And then I met Flylady.  And then I had children and I got to use all of this organizational knowledge.  Not to mention a legitimate reason to buy containers and baskets.

But now I seem to be shifting away from organization and towards beauty.  Maybe that’s the result of a couple months of intense nesting and organizing, or because I’ve invested six years in the basics of organization and am ready to expand beyond the bare minimum need.

Or maybe it’s because I’m 30.

I do know that this year I have finally invested in some things for our home that I have chosen…not just (gratefully) ended up with.  And there are finally areas in our home that are passing “functional” and going to “satisfying” or even, occasionally, “beautiful”.  And I love it love it love it.


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