it was perfect

It was a perfect vacation.  Our family’s first solo flight into the adventure of camping.

We went to Julian…William Heise County Park, to be precise.  I cannot recommend this park enough.  We’ve been there twice now…once on the weekend in the fall, once during the week in the spring.  Both trips were just fabulous.

To be sure, the prep was a bit overwhelming…but I just kept telling myself “it will be better next time”.  And it will.  You should see my uber-list (safely filed on google tasks).  And a lot of the stuff is being packed away in one place where we won’t have to play scavenger hunt every time we want to go camping.

The weather was perfect.  Being mid-week, the park was empty.  Literally, four sites out of 100 taken. The bathrooms were close by.  (Very important.  I made so many trips to that bathroom that I began to think of it as mine and plan what color I should paint it.)

There were turkeys.  A family of woodpeckers woke us up every morning. The girls discovered a squirrel’s cache of acorns tucked into the bark of a tree, which they promptly raided…being squirrels themselves, you know.

A game of uno before we even get out of the sleeping bags.

The children were alight with bright eyed enthusiasm.  A sense of wideness and expansion.  They were enthralled and perfectly at home.

It turns out we have a knack for cooking over the fire.  Chili cheese fries in foil packets.  Corn on the cob (next time, three cobs per person per dinner!).  Baked potatoes.  I have an inkling that fire-grilled cheese and tomato soup would be pretty hard to top.

Little hikes with little hikers.  Learning to walk and talk quietly in the woods.  Being almost instantly rewarded with a sighting of deer.

Reading.  (Our first foray into the Boxcar Children).

Singing silly songs. Family dog pile in the shade.

Slow days.  Slow hours.  Time for everything.

Crawling into bed with the sun, cozying up to keep warm.  Being on blanket-tucking duty.  Levi’s first glimpse of a real night sky… “pretty stars!”.

Perfect, perfect, perfect.  We’re definitely going again.


5 thoughts on “it was perfect

  1. FABULOUS. Love the chili cheese fries! Love the cute sleeping pictures! 🙂 So glad it was relaxing and fun for y’all!!

  2. Love it! You give me hope. I’ve been debating attempting a camping trip this fall (when we finally live somewhere again). We live only two hours from the Smokies and it seems a pity to waste such an opportunity! Maybe I will…maybe I will.

  3. Nicole, camping should be a piece of cake for someone who hasn’t lived in a real house with all her stuff for, what, months on end? You should definitely go…I can even send you my master list and save you the trouble of making one! (LMK)

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