grumpy gardening (but nice photos)

We stayed out late in the garden this evening.  Sandwiches for supper (really really need that outdoor table I’m searching for…), and a game of tennis/soccer/football…one ball per child against one Papa.

Mommy was in the swing, playing with instagram.

And, if the truth be told, feeling overwhelmed by the weeds, the patches in the watering system, and the total lack of vegetable plantings…  On the one hand, I feel like I need help … if someone would just dig up the little garden patch, I’d be good to go.  But on the other hand, what a wimp, Leilani!  Just get out your hoe and dig it up!

And then I remember that our hoe recently disintegrated.  I’ll blame it on the hoe.  Or the lack thereof.

The sunflowers are growing for our sunflower house.  And hopefully by the end of the summer, the rose patch, the sunflowers, and the (soon to be planted, if it kills me) tomatoes will hide the glaringly ugly cement brick wall on the left side of the garden.

I can’t bring myself to take pictures of that side of the garden, and that really limits my photographic choices.

There is no picture of Amelie because she is going through a clothes-shedding stage.  That, also, is limiting my photographic choices.


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