making room

20110513-082632.jpgOne of my favorite baby gifts from my first pregnancy was a tender little Willow statue of a pregnant mama.  (Pictured third from the left).  And thus followed my first (and probably last) adult collection of things that are simply pretty.

The only one that managed to escape the last six years unscathed was the Papa statue.  The rest, as you can see, have been cracked, smashed, beheaded, destroyed.

All accidentally.


Except for this one.  Someone thoughtfully provided her with a face.

When I took these pictures a couple of months ago, this post was going to be a wry cry for advice…should I try (again) to glue the pieces together?  Or advice for my rather sad self on dealing with the destruction of my pretties.

But this week I undertook a fairly serious overhaul of our junque and finally got up the courage to toss them in the garbage.  On top of the watermelon rinds.

It stung.

Please, I beg you, nobody tell me that I could have fixed them…you will upset my fragile equilibrium on this matter.  Haha.

Sometimes emotional connection is really no reason for holding on to things.  Which is perhaps why it might not be the best idea to purge when pregnant…it seems like everything has an emotional connection.  College assignments and notes, books that I will never read again, toys that no one likes except me…and I don’t play with them.  Wrenching business, I tell you.

But after donating a fairly significant load of stuff this week, I feel like there is still more crud hanging out here in my dwelling.  Maybe even two more loads of stuff.  Stuff I’m hanging on to that I really should clear out.

I actually love this part of pregnancy, this inborn drive to make room for new life.  I feel like I should go to counseling and clear out the past, go to a sauna and clear out the pores (not when pregnant, I know, I know), go to the dentist and clear out the plaque. Or whatever.  It’s the spirit of the thing.

But I’ll probably just go upstairs and see if there is anything else I can clear out of the closet.


7 thoughts on “making room

  1. Are you sure it isn’t spring fever? I’m feeling that way and I’m not pregnant. Great need to declutter and clean.

  2. It is removing old to welcome new. I totally understand. It’s good for all of us. But I’m so pained with you about the figurines. And it’s just not fair that daddy is still in tact. Symbolism of some kind? hmmph

  3. I think the papa is intact solely on the merit of being more compact. I seem to remember that it got swept off the shelf in the same go…haha.

  4. Love this! You’re so right that it can be hard to purge (emotions! esp around pg/nursing) – but feels so good to get rid of stuff and make room for people! Yay for you! We are purging for a move right now and all of the sudden i’m realizing how blessed we were to be in this house 🙂 – i can see it for what it is, now that it is getting emptier and emptier 🙂

  5. MamaZee! Welcome and good luck with your move!
    Karen, I don’t know about going to your house, I have a habit of taking the things you don’t want. 🙂

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