Find Your Passion in…three steps?

I read a great article this morning (via Simple Mom) entitled Find Your Passion in Three Steps.  (The comments are really interesting, too.)

The author, Mary DeMuth, suggests that identifying a common theme through your three favorite movies might indicate your ‘passion’.  But I got stuck because I couldn’t figure out what my three favorite movies are.  Love Actually is on the list, I know that.  But the others?  I’m drawing a blank.

Another suggestion is to ask other people what your “one thing” is.  Like through a general query on facebook.  (I’m actually curious about the response to this one, but am way too, um, fragile, to deal with a wide scale vulnerability at this point.   Hey, 29 weeks tomorrow!  Welcome to the Beginning of the End!)

But what the article really got me thinking about was how very very little I talk about what is most important to me, about what I focus on and spend the most time and effort on.  Even here, on my blog, my own personal soapbox, the underlying important things rarely get a specific mention.

So today I’m going to write down two things that drive me, the place where I finally figured out that almost all of my interests come together.  (Is this the start of a purpose statement?)

First, philosophy.  Creating a life.  This is our life, and we are responsible for making it into what we want it to be.  It’s an act of responsibility, of creativity, of purpose, of constant evaluation and tweaking, of vision.

Second, praxis.  Home.  The life we have chosen to create is rooted and founded in the concept of home.  And this is where I can, perhaps, respond to the third step in the article.

Mary DeMuth asks, “Where does need and joy collide? Theologian Frederick Buechner wrote this: ‘Vocation is where our greatest passion meets the world’s greatest need.'”

The most glaring need I see is for people to be empowered and inspired to create lives that are cohesive, grounded, connected.  To reject the splintered and disconnected existence that comes with chasing after “the good life”.

And I believe the answer to that is found at home.

I think that I shall continue to write about this, to keep trying to put it in words and sentences and thoughts.  This was a rather shaky first attempt at defining … well, in many ways, defining my life.  I think it behooves me to keep working at it.

I like looking around at other people and guessing their “one word” or passion.  Have you already figured out what your passion is?  Or at least, your three favorite movies?


One thought on “Find Your Passion in…three steps?

  1. I somehow missed that link but have so enjoyed Tsh’s posts recently on working from home. I hear you Leilani and have spent a lot of time over the past months figuring out my passions, now I just need to create the space in our new life to pursue them.

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