Not Epic, but content

It’s been a busy day in my little blog world.

SouleMama had her baby.  At home, with her little family surrounding her.

Renee moved back to Canada so that their family can follow their dreams (including her husband staying/working at home with the rest of the family!).

Pedal Powered Family left on their year-long trip cycling around the continent (with two small children in tow…literally).

Laura hosted what was shaping up to be an awesome Curious George birthday party for her now four year old. Chocolate dipped bananas, anyone?

My small accomplishments were … much smaller.  And while I crave a bit of epic-ness, I find myself content with today.


2 thoughts on “Not Epic, but content

  1. Leilani, Thank you for this sweet link. Right now my life feels anything but Epic. It feels like struggling to find a routine and find my groove in a new place. With clothes still in bins and kids’ all important craft supplies still packed in the trailer… And me trying to figure out how to schedule time for the things that fill my well with everything else kind of chaotic. But thank you for including me in these inspiring links.

    Have a good Monday!

  2. Renee, I think that perhaps all things Epic feels like struggle…especially at the beginning. 🙂 Hope you have fun digging in the trailer this week!

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