Technological Difficulties

So my trusy iMac, that we’ve had since Lia was an infant, is on death’s door.  Lia is still a child, but in computer years, this thing is ancient.  And outdated. And I’m so ready to consign it to The Pit.

It likes to shut off whenever it feels like it.

It does not like iphoto.  At all.

And pretty much all it’s good for is some fast typing in between shut-offs. (Unless you type too fast, and then it stalls and you have to sit and wait for your words to appear).

I really appreciate that fast typing, though.

I’ve been doing almost everything off of my iphone, which is great.  (I looove doing my morning planning and scanning while lying in bed.)  Except that it’s a total pain in the …um… you know… when it comes to typing anything.

Previously, my technological difficulty was my camera cord.  But then we got a card reader, ta DA!  But a card reader doesn’t do much when you can’t upload photos without freaking out the piece of plastic on the desk.

Hence many iphone photos recently.

And then, and then…last weekend I took a bunch of photos (including the most beeautiful photo of Devo and Amelie…hands down the best photo I’ve ever taken).  Came home to upload them (to Devo’s computer)…only to discover that the card was EMPTY.  Made the mistake of taking a few more shots to see if they would show up on the card (apparently that killed our chances of recovering the original batch).  I think we tried three different programs to get them back … all for naught.

And yet, I still can’t bring myself to use the camera.  Because maybe someday technology will advance so that I can GET MY PHOTO BACK!!!!  (Riiiight, Leilani, shall we enter the world of reality any time soon?)

(So I took a couple pictures today with the smaller camera and came to take my chances and upload them this evening.  But someone has removed the battery and I can’t find it.  If I were a cartoon, I would have a little scribble of angst above my head).

So the technology over here is sketchy and I’m not keeping up my side of several online conversations.

It’s also making it harder for me to keep my inbox cleaned out…but I’ve managed to keep fairly abreast of things through sheer determination and lots of reading things twice.

I don’t know what we’ll do about this.  Or when.  (Certainly not until we’ve paid off our midwife).  An ipad is certainly an attractive option. (Do you see my large, encouraging smile?)

But with an ipad I’d still have to share Devo’s computer for uploading the photos and various other tasks.  And while we share a car quite easily and lovingly and conveniently…I don’t know that a computer can be shared with similar equanimity.  Or convenience.

But definitely with love.  Of course!


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