this week

  • Amelie has learned how to snap her fingers.
  • Levi has learned how to pedal his tricycle.
  • I have learned not to go to a place with a play park when the goal is to ride bikes.
  • A new phrase is entering common usage … “Lia, put the book down.”  I do believe she’s crossing over into reading fluently and is definitely following in her mother’s footsteps.  (The thing I got in trouble the most for growing up was reading.  Even now I’m tempted to hide my book when I hear Devo coming in…it’s an automatic reaction…don’t want to get caught reading!)
  • I completed two projects for a friend’s baby shower this weekend.  I can’t wait to show them off here post-shower, along with a backlog of recently completed projects.
  • Baby was unusually quiet last weekend, which I attributed to a growth spurt.  I paid for said growth spurt on Monday.  Price?  Extreme exhaustion and inability to function.  Plus tears.  (It is nice to know that nothing is actually wrong, it’s just part of the ride.  But sheesh.)
  • Levi has begun to speak in full sentences, using many many words that we didn’t know he knew (how to speak, that is).  He also thinks he is German.  Everything is “mein” (mine).  Mommy, get mein water bottle please.  Put mein shoes on! Mein holy night!  (He calls the ukulele a “holy night” since his introduction to it was when friends played and sang “Silent Night”.  He plays the thing all the time.  Indeed, even now I can hear him singing “Silent Night” to himself in his crib.)

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