Full days

It’s been a whirlwind of a two weeks since I was last here.  I guess I was just too busy living, to borrow (and maybe send you to) Renee’s words.

Suddenly I’ve transitioned to the quiet, endless days of mid-pregnancy to The End, and the scramble to get things “ready”.  Although, the baby clothes that are sitting quietly in stacks on my dresser would not testify to any “scrambling” on my part.

And here I am, mid-morning (I almost said early morning, but then I looked at the clock), sneaking a few minutes to write when I really should be mopping the floor.  And no, I can’t put it off another day, we have company coming.

When it seems as though the whole world is putting school away and taking summer out, we are taking school out (and rejoicing that hot summer has not yet appeared).  We had taken somewhat of an extended spring break from school, and now we have launched into a summer session (which is going really well).

I’m working to get a good school routine going before the baby comes…with the idea that it will help us more easily take school back up after the baby comes.  Which I think is pretty logical.

These days are full.  Not hectic, but full.




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