These days are oh, so short.  Already she is changing.   Already I catch an unexpected glimpse of a photo of her and recognize her as though I’ve been looking at her for years and years, instead of just a week and a day.  Already she is just what we were missing and we are so, so happy together.

The sniffly noses of four weeks ago have developed into ear and eye infections.  Each of these first days brings an emotional rollercoaster of its own.  Today I felt the strangeness of not feeling able to touch any of my children…and being torn over caring for the sick ones and yet not exposing the smallest one.  Mother Hen could not just fluff out her wings and draw them all in safe and sound.  Thankful today for a good doctor, antibiotics, and the miracle of breastmilk.







5 thoughts on “Already

  1. Love the pictures-such a beautiful family- looking forward to seeing you-when all are feeling good-for sure! KT

  2. Love the picture of all 4 of them. Amelie looks so much like Ann and Patti when they were little – if you haven’t seen any of those pictures I will try to round them up for you. It was the first thing JB said when I was showing off all of your gorgeous photos. 🙂

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