Finding balance


Life is slowly coming back into balance.  Today was neither stagnant nor exhausting.  I don’t think I cried once.

It was a day for rubbing little feet (she loves it), kissing that sweet neck (please note, double chin emerging!), Boxcar Children and Little House, roasted tomatoes and pattypan squash from a friend’s garden, and children who are finally remembering how to play happily by themselves.

We are getting used to the temporary ban on kissing and touching Kiri’s face (Mommy excepted, but I try to only do it when no one is looking), and we are almost out of antibacterial soap.  But everyone seems to be feeling much better, and I am hoping hoping hoping that we are finding a return to health and vitality.







3 thoughts on “Finding balance

  1. Fabulous photos. Love the little feet. Love the four heads. Love love love. 🙂 I’m glad to hear things are working their way back to “normal” for you. Want to read Little House and rub my feet? hah And then remind my boys how to play happily by themselves…and not touch MY face.

  2. Ahhh the new normal. Such an adjustment but so worth it. The photos are precious. Thankful all are on their way to recovery and that Kiri avoided the bugs.

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