It is ironic that I spent some time this evening perusing my blog archives. Back to 2007, when Amelie was just a baby and all of my posts seem to mention (or dwell on) sleep. Or the lack thereof.

And here I am, still awake after tending to a coughing and eventually throwing up Amelie. The bed is stripped, the jammies are fresh, teeth brushed, water glass filled. Cough reduced.

And because the three older ones sleep in the same room, Levi’s water bottle is refilled, his diaper is changed (no question where all the water from the first bottle filling went), and Lia is tucked back into her bed (minus sheets) with a clean blanket.

Kiri is tucked into her cosleeper, due to wake up anytime between now and an hour from now…if relying on a few days’ worth of sleep patterns.

And so I am awake, contemplating sleep.

Or the lack thereof.

In our marriage and parenting partnership it has worked out that I take primary care of the nighttime parenting. I am the one who wakes up and can somewhat coherently care for …whatever needs caring for… from the hours of about 10pm to 5am.

After about 5am, I sink into a deep sleep and stop responding to stimuli. But Devo has by now had some sleep, and he wakes up to care for the early morning cries, or, more often, the early waking children.

I have night duty while Devo takes morning duty (and I catch up on what I lost). It works for us.

It was really nice last week to plead ‘new baby’ and let him care for the big three while I fed and changed and soothed the smallest.

In lieu of sleep (Amelie is still coughing…will she manage to sleep through it?), I am thinking these thoughts::

:: I prize health and vitality. Being sick sucks. And I hate the word ‘sucks’.
:: I’m anxious to get back in the kitchen and start feeding us things like brown rice. And kale. And green smoothies. (anyone have a green smoothie recipe to share?)
::I’m seriously considering changing my bedtime from 10ish to about 8:30. (Just think, I’d have had four hours of sleep by now). I hate to give up the quiet evening hours, but I think the payoffs would be worth it. I think.
::Tonight I toasted pecans in a pan and then drizzled a little maple syrup over them and let them caramelize. Delicious, easy, and a way to soothe our sweets cravings in this extended time of no sugar.
::I’m beginning to hate sugar. It doesn’t seem like mere coincidence that Amelie ‘s mucus production saw a major increase on the same day that they accepted a sugary drink at a party from a well-meaning friend. When immunity is down, it takes so little to make you sick(er). And sugar is a prime culprit. And unfortunately, ever-present.

It is now an hour past midnight, and I have not turned into a pumpkin. Amelie is sleeping happily (albeit noisily), even through the occasional cough. So I’m going to take my chances and slip into my bed.

Clean sheets, courtesy of my loving husband. (and thanks in advance for letting me sleep tomorrow…I mean, today).


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