First Hours Back

Ten minutes after Devo went out the door this morning, Levi broke out in a rash.

Here I had planned a leisurely morning of ignoring things scattered on the floor and spending some good Mommy time with the girls while Devo was gone.  He was going to be gone four hours for a wedding rehearsal, and I was going to be alone with Four for the first time.  Breaking me in gently.

Leisurely, calm, flowing, connecting, leftovers.  This was my game plan, I had confidence.

Enter rash.

Bless our HMO, they had an appointment in half an hour.  No need to wait with four kids for two hours in urgent care, surrounded by sick people.  With an infant.

With complete cooperation from all children (Kiri went to sleep and slept through the whole adventure, bless her), we bolted out the door and managed to get to the appointment in record time.  I even remembered to tuck a brush into the bag so that the girls didn’t look like ragamuffins.

Diagnosis :: either an allergic reaction to the amoxicillin OR a nameless virus.  If several doses of benadryl clears up the rash, it was the antibiotic.  If not, we’re stuck with the rash until the virus runs it’s course.

Phew, not the measles or some other quarantinable, dangerous-to-babies illness.  And not terribly itchy for Levi.  Just a little itchy.  But it looks so terrible.  It looks so contagious.  (Please, oh, please may it be cleared up tomorrow.)

I came home triumphant.  These past few weeks of languid recovery have not erased my Mommy skills, I’ve still got it.  <celebratory jig>

But it wore me out.  Devo came home (early!) and I dragged myself off for a nap where I drooled on my pillow.

From my vantage point on the couch, during Week One After Giving Birth, I had a very big epiphany :: It takes a lot of energy to do what I do.  

When you have no energy a’tall, you begin to realize just how much energy it takes to do each task in days filled with activity.

And, of course, like most epiphanies, this one also looks rather lame in print.  But I do believe I have a new respect for what I do in the course of a day.  As my energy returns, I’m thankful for each new thing I can add to my day.  Of course, I’d rather not have “emergency mode” or “doctor’s visit” as part of the daily routine.  Please.



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