Back in the saddle again

‘Twas my first day back to work, back in the saddle, back to regular life.  In other words, the End of Maternity Leave.  Devo went back to work today, and after almost three weeks of being cared for, listened to, and encouraged to take naps, I regarded his absence somewhat woefully.  It’s been awfully nice to recover with such a loving and thoughtful caregiver around…never a complaint when he was bustling around accomplishing things and all I could manage was to sit on the bed holding the baby and staring off into space.

But, hey, nothing like getting back into the swing of things like jumping right in. And as proof that concrete thoughts are beginning to emerge from the rather hazy and vague place that has been my mind recently, I offer some thoughts.

:: I’m dying to join this e-course, 30 Day Vegan, by my new favorite blogger.  But it just doesn’t seem like setting myself up for success to take an e-course when we’re right smack dab in the middle of adjusting to life with a new baby, plus starting back to school.

:: I’ve sent in the application to join a charter school.  <gulp> In return for someone looking over my homeschooling shoulder, we will get vouchers for buying supplies and paying for things like piano lessons.  I’m not sure how I’m going to like having to report our learning progress, but I hope it’s not too painful because wow we can use that money.

:: I’ve been quite pleased to find that my first impetus to do something “normal” post-baby has been to cook.  And cook healthy, whole food meals.  (Hence the longing after 30 Day Vegan).

:: I’ve been not quite so pleased to be bitten with the organizing bug.  It seems that every cupboard, every shelf, every drawer (that was so carefully organized just a few short months ago) is messy, cluttered, dirty, or simply no longer acceptable.  I can hardly figure out where to start.

The truth is, I think that it’s not really that the house is so disorganized (or cluttered, or messy, or dirty), but that we’ve outgrown the old life and I want to somehow make room for the reality of this new life.  This new life of being a family of six, a mother of four, the presence of a newborn.  And I’m not sure how to do that, but organizing and decluttering usually helps me to find my way.

:: But maybe why I haven’t started an organizing overhaul (other than plain common sense, which I’d like to think I still possess to some measure), is because what I really want to do is MOVE.  To start fresh.  In a home that has SUNLIGHT.  Ugh, we’ve lived in houses where the main living areas are dark for 8 years.  I’m tired of it.   I crave light and sunshine.  So much so that I actually feel physically better when I walk into our sunshiny bedroom.  Maybe it’s the hormones, but it’s bugging me more than usual.

:: We continue to look for a house.  I don’t talk about it much here because it’s rather dismal.  And repetitive.  After a couple of years, it’s the same old story.  Can’t find something that’s right for us.  Found something that’s right for us, put on our best offer, got rejected in favor of an investor with cash.  Repeat.  Sigh.

:: I’ve been having a hate affair with exclamation points recently.  Every email, every facebook post, every text message I consider the exclamation mark, glowering at it from under my brows.  I use them, I feel cheesy.  I don’t use them, I feel terse.  Can you be friendly and cheerful in print without the exclamation point?  (And is it an exclamation point or an exclamation mark? I see that I used both terms without thinking about it.)

:: I decided to buy an (over-priced) loaf of raisin bread today.  On the sly, for my personal evening snack.  I never buy it because you get like four slices for four dollars.  And then the store was out of raisin bread.  So now I have no evening snack.  Someday I will find a decent recipe (no, not cinnamon swirl bread, for which recipes abound) and then I will put a loaf in the freezer for moments like these.

:: I’m strongly considering a change in our daily “schedule”.  For the past year or so lunch has been our main meal, cooking either right after breakfast or right before lunch.  Today I served up ABJ (almond butter and jelly, with the almond butter freshly made in my food processor in mere minutes!) and green smoothies.  Didn’t even get out plates, the ABJ was served right on the table top.  And it was grand.  (What other foods are as simple and require as few dishes as PBJ/ABJ?)

With school days coming right up, I think I’d like to move the meal-that-requires-cooking to supper.  That will free us up to do all the things we’re “supposed to do” in the morning, leaving our afternoons fancy free.  I’m just curious if I will cook less due to general end of the day fatigue.

When do you do your main cooking, I wonder?



4 thoughts on “Back in the saddle again

  1. {exclamation point, question mark} am I right?! 🙂 You have been so patient with the house-hunting business — so sorry the right dwelling hasn’t popped up and made its way into your lives yet…when the time is right, eh? But that doesn’t make things easier now. More time outside? Is it 100 degrees there? Yuck.

    Yay for school money!! Hope that all works out. I’m considering doing what you do — keeping a learning journal. It’s nice to look back and see that we did learn something.

    Food processor, food processor??? Did I hear food processor?? {sorry I just overwhelmed you with marks}

    Yes — the when to cook debate. I typically cook something “larger” in the afternoon, while one is napping. But then I have to cook quietly. So…sometimes it’s a 4pm thing, right in the nick of time. And other times I get right on it after breakfast {really, that’s rare}. We can eat ABJ for every meal right? With an apple? And a glass of milk? That’s balanced.

  2. I try to steal away from work early and do my main cooking in the late afternoon/early evening. I’m usually working on two meals at once. Half of the next night’s dinner is placed in the fridge so that we don’t have to wait too long for our evening meal when everyone gets home. This is also when I prep lunch for everyone for the next day. Some days it feels like I’m in the kitchen for a long time but, really, it’s never more than an hour. I’m looking for healthy crock pot recipes…

    Good luck as you settle back into a new kind of normal. I can’t wait to meet Baby Kiri (after Landon’s cough is completely gone). =)

  3. Posting here because it ties in and does not use surplus texts: I made kohlrabi and carrots with honey butter last night (that also had chives and lemon). Of course I thought of you, as I always do, when I cook healthy yummy vegetables. Even better: it all came from a friends garden! (Don’t look so chagrined at the punctuation – fresh veggies are a good thing.) 🙂 Additionally, I cook at night, when I’m not too tired. But midday obviously isn’t an option.

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