in the kitchen

:: Yellow pyrex.  Our newest find at our church thrift store.  Aren’t they beauties?  Happy vibes.  (The girls keep sneaking off with them and then I have to hunt them down and rescue them.  Apparently I’m not the only one who has succumbed to their charm.)

:: Maple Nuts via Beauty That Moves.  I haven’t yet tried chopping the nuts a la streusel, but it only takes a few minutes to toast whole nuts and give them an itty bitty bit of sweetness.  I’ve taken to putting a bowl of these (pecans!) on the table with (green) smoothies two or three nights a week, and they always disappear.  Of course, nuts always disappear here, but this makes everyone feel as though they’re getting a sweet treat.

:: Baked Tofu via Beauty That Moves.  I really really like how Heather eats.  So simply.  So many whole foods.  So not militant about eating only whole foods.  I’ve spent some happy minutes browsing her food category recently.  The baked tofu was a big hit here.  Even Devo, who detests the texture of tofu, likes it. I doubled the recipe and we ate all of it, either in other dishes or plain as finger food.  I wonder if you could marinate it in more Mexican-like flavors to use in burritos and tacos. Probably.

:: Asian Noodle Salad via FIMBY.  (One of the places the baked tofu ended up!)  Renee had posted this salad quite awhile ago and I passed it by, thinking that the other eating members of the household wouldn’t care for it.  But one day last week I was almost out of just about everything, and the remaining bits happened to be perfect for this.  And it was delicious.  The kids loved it.  I loved it.  Devo loved it.  It even got the Outstanding Devo Award…he said he could eat it every week.  Score!

:: Oatmeal Blueberry Applesauce Muffins  via Joy the Baker.  We had our second batch of these for dinner tonight.  They somehow manage to taste healthy and yummy at the same time.  Easy peasy, perfect for an after-swim dinner.  But I noticed afresh what a pain it is to wash a muffin tin.  I wonder if I could bake it flat like a corn bread.  Probably.

:: Green (or purple, rather) smoothies.  I buy the big container of organic spinach at Costco and throw humongous handfuls of it into all of our smoothies.  You can’t taste it at all (which we all appreciate) and I feel so proud of myself for boosting our leafy green intake.  The smoothies never actually turn green, too many purple berries.

:: Slow roasted tomatoes.  Our friend has gifted us with three batches of homegrown tomatoes this summer.  Bless her heart.  Some of them found their way into the oven.  Apparently I’d never had slow roasted tomatoes before because WOW what a flavor.

:: Adding flax seed, spinach, and carrots to everything.  Or, everything in which it won’t bother us, but will add some nutritional oomph.

:: Homemade popcorn.  I need to work on my technique.

Anybody eating anything new or yummy recently?


3 thoughts on “in the kitchen

  1. Can I just say you amaze me!?! I’m trying to figure out how to manage 2 kiddos and you’ve got 4, one new, and you still manage to put homecooked, healthy food on the table. You’re wonder mom!

  2. I hope you do, Rachel…and let me know, if you remember. I did try the oatmeal muffins in a pan like cornbread and it was super yummy…it just took forever to bake.

    Sara, we are all counting ourselves lucky that my main home-making interest Post Baby #4 is COOKING. Please don’t look at the bathrooms. 🙂

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