If I could give these last few weeks of mine a word it would be striving.  Putting in the extra energy and focus to get everyone settled into new habits (or resurrecting old habits), new rhythms.  Being on task all the time.  Working to keep my ducks in a row, or at least all going in the same general direction.

One morning this week, I woke up and decided it was time to work a little on letting it be a rhythm and not something requiring so much work.  Half an hour later I was laughing at myself because I had started five different parts of the morning routine and finished none of them.

I thought of Flylady who recommends getting back in bed and starting over again on train-wreck occasions.  But she doesn’t have four small children, and I do.  So I tipped my hat to her and started again, in order, with my mojo back in place like the little train that could.

And then I got hit with the stomach flu.  24 bug, thank goodness.  But it was enough to bring me and my routines and rhythms and strivings to a full stop.

Devo worked from home to help me out, and I spent quite a lot of time listening to my family.

I listened to them as Devo shepherded the kids through their morning routines.

I listened to the crash of our science experiment on the back porch.

I listened to the little hither and yons of small, busy people.

I thought about how the normal me would react and act.  And I thought about how all of that striving really doesn’t matter.

While at the same time it matters a whole lot.

Which isn’t any kind of a conclusion at all, if we’re looking for something conclusive.  But there you have it.

The full stop really came at a good time.  It had just become clear that several aspects of our new routine/rhythm simply weren’t working well.

::Three months ago, it would have been completely feasible to do ‘table school’ work with Levi playing happily nearby.  Right now?  Not working.  He’s in some gigantic developmental change and his whole little world is topsy turvy.  Which has made school hours hairy.  I’ve decided I must say (a rather wistful) adios to my after-lunch down time (Levi’s current napping time), and move his nap to the last hour of school time.

::For two years after lunch has been a resting and reading time for the girls.  Now?  After two weeks of enforcing resting and reading time, it is obvious that their internal clocks have changed.  When left to their own devices, after lunch now becomes playing quietly time.  I have moved from skeptical to baffled to resigned (it was such a nice part of the day).  Just haven’t figured out when resting and reading time is now.  After breakfast?

::And since when was 3pm crazy, bouncing off the walls time EVERY DAY?  Never, until the last month or two.   I’m so glad it’s cooling off and we can spend that time outside where there are no walls to bounce off of.

I’m looking forward to next week.  Trying some new things, being a little more relaxed, no puking.  It’s gonna be good.


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  1. Leilani, you are amazing and resilient and optomistic-such good qualities in a momma! I remember when nap times receded until teen years came and they were growing so fast and furiously that sleeping in or quiet time was their idea again!

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