Mothering stuff.    Letters to a New Mother: How to Get Strong.  Particularly useful in the first few weeks/months.

Useful stuff.  Craigseasy.  It puts all the photos from a craigslist search on one page.

Homeschool stuff.  Getting Organized for the Upcoming Year.  I confess I went out and bought us binders because if Renee says it works, it does.  And after a summer of doing almost all of my organizing on google tasks, I’m approaching homeschooling mostly with a pen and paper.

Toddler/Preschooler stuff. 

Homeschooling Preschoolers: Life is the curriculum.  This is such a useful article.  These are the ideas that have shaped my preschool-age experience, all in one place (and well-written).  And a good reminder right now with a rapidly changing toddler.  <dusting off the old Montessori stuff>

What Should a Four Year Old Know?  Yes, YES!

Self-reflection stuff.  Motherhood as Vocation. This is the jewel of this set of links, worthy of printing.  Read it, please!

My current favorite quote ::

“…her time away isn’t intended solely as “me time,” as much as it is a way to pursue her interests and steward her gifts in ways that fall outside her natural day as a mother.” -Kate Harris


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