:: It’s amazing how my desire to bake something anything has blossomed with the demise (hopefully temporary) of my oven.  I should jot down these baking cravings–human nature and Mommy Brain being what they are, as soon as the oven is fixed I won’t be able to remember a single thing I wanted to bake.

:: I downloaded Little Women on my phone to read and discovered, to my horror, that the version I grew up reading and loving is abridged.  I cannot begin to tell you how irritated, distraught, and even angry I am that I lost out on all that goodness for all these years.  My copy wasn’t just abridged, it was seriously abridged.  Who, I’d like to know, decided that children wouldn’t like to read a book in it’s entirety?  I have an earful for that person.  Perhaps a better course of action would be to make sure my own children are entrusted with unabridged books.

I vacillate between being miffed and being filled with wonder.  It’s like a reading a sequel, but even better.  It’s like I’ve got all the behind-the-scenes action now, all the inside jokes and references, all the illuminating details.  The backstage pass, the carte blanche to Little Women.  And Marmee’s wisdom.  Don’t laugh, but I just love the character-driven morality of these 19th century novels.  Marmee inspires and informs my parenting.  She’s a pretty rockin’ role model.

:: Devo took the children out to do some errands this afternoon to give me some time to prep for the week.  I sat down at a clear table with his laptop (speedy! big screen!), a neat stack of books (new curriculum!), my planning notebook, a good pen, a mason jar of water, a bite of dark chocolate almond clusters, and a little tealight for ambience.  I cannot begin to tell you how absolutely delightful it is to work like this.  Focused.  Methodical.  Alone.  I swear, it was the most luxurious thing I’ve experienced in weeks.  If I was a cat, I would have purred.

:: I’ve been receiving a box of locally grown organic produce on my doorstep every Friday.  It’s filled with bits of this and bits of that…delightful, but not how I usually shop (quantity!).  After several weeks of making many small meals using the bits of vegetables, I’ve decided to change tactics.  I’m aiming for combining the vegetables into three large meals per week.  We started off with a big pot of lentil soup today filled with onion, carrots, copious amounts of garlic, and a half hour’s cleaning worth of spinach.  (That spinach was so fresh and delicious, but the bagged stuff takes 30 seconds.  30 minutes vs. 30 seconds.  Which would you choose?)  We ladled it over leftover roasted rosemary potatoes and yams, and polished off half of the pot in one go.

:: It’s our anniversary tomorrow.  Nine years of wedded bliss.  Imagine that.



One thought on “Tidbits

  1. LOVE the bit about school prep, alone, dark chocolate, purring. I’m there, sista. Well, in the next room, so I can be alone too. lol That just sounds PERFECT. I’m ready to re-read Little Women. I’ll be sure and get the long version. Can’t remember whether I’ve read the unabridged before or not…..mommy brain…

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