Been thinking

I’ve been thinking alot lately. Dangerous pasttime, I know.

1. Been thinking a lot on the old year and on the new year. A pause on the brink of the future.

2. Been thinking about the presence of technology in our home and how much I abhor its omnipresence and omniscience. Contemplating taking serious action.

3. Been thinking about aging and the passage of time.

4. Been listening to elderly friends talk about their children and thinking about how being a parent means that I will be vulnerable for the rest of my life to having my heart broken.

5. Been thinking how blogging seems impossible with children and wondering why I even bother trying. Someday I’ll publish my drafts folder. It’s full of half-written blog posts.

Baby crying, must go.


3 thoughts on “Been thinking

  1. Yes. I like how you say “a pause on the brink of the future”. Agree on number two. Thinking about number three is just simply depressing. Unless you have an optimistic way of looking at it. Do tell. And yeah, number five resonates. I thought I would have more time as the kids grew. hmmmmm I’m struggling with that.

    Love your babies. They matter most. 🙂

  2. Don’t be too hasty. Don’t cut out too much technology. I need my skype fix.

    Being a parent is a wonderful thing. I wouldn’t have it any other way. Course I would LOVE to live closer to my children and grandchildren. That is a painful thing. To be so far away.

    Time and children – no matter what age – they still need a parent around. Time well spent tho.

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