in the kitchen

:: Our culinary adventures have been fueled by the miracle of a box of organic produce delivered to our door every Friday morning.  For only about as much as we pay at the farmer’s market.  Did I mention it’s organic?  Did I mention that I just step outside my door and heft a box to the kitchen?  No carseats, no driving, no shopping carts needed?  I know, right?  Miraculous!

We’ve been getting these boxes from Farm Fresh To You weekly for about two months now.  I am ready to become their newest spokesperson, their most ardent evangelist, their faithful devotee.  It’s glorious.  Southern California friends, definitely check it out.

I’m now on the lookout for what other things on my regular shopping list I can have delivered to my door.  Toilet paper?

:: In our box this week were two large cauliflowers.  (What is the plural of cauliflower?  Cauliflower or cauliflowers?)  Finally, a chance to try out smitten kitchen’s cumin seed roasted cauliflower with yogurt.  Minus the mint and pomegranate, due to pantry limitations.

Might I say, Yum.  We used the yogurt-feta to dip in and that’s what turns the recipe from Yum into Super Yum.  In my opinion.  Think Indian raita.  Devo doesn’t like milky stuff, so he only got to experience Yum.  The kids and I indulged in Super Yum.

The kids also spent most of dinner creating new dishes Iron Chef style.  Mix a little of this, add a little of that, explain your creation with full step-by-step detail.

:: And as for the itty bitty red and yukon potatoes, yesterday, I and my sous chef Levi smashed them a la Pioneer Woman’s Crash Hot Potatoes.  We enjoyed it so much we did it again today.  Which is saying something, because traditionally our children don’t eat a lot of potatoes.  Yams, yes.  Potatoes, no.  That has officially changed thanks to Pioneer Woman.  The kosher salt really makes a difference.

:: We have consumed large quantities of shredded cabbage adorned with a squeeze of lemon, a sprinkle of salt, and a dusting of dill.

:: I am totally stoked to have signed up for Whole Food Kitchen online course with Heather at Beauty That Moves.  My friend Shelley and I got in during the two-for-one special she offered, and I amazed myself by handing over my money without a second thought or a single qualm.  (!!!!) That alone tells me how much I expect to get out of this course.  Heather is just my kind of cook and I can’t wait to sit at her proverbial feet and expand our culinary horizons.  (How many times have I used “culinary” in this post?  Been watching too much Iron Chef.)

:: Probably sweetest of all the things happening in my kitchen is the presence of my ever faithful kitchen companion, Levi.  That boy loves to cook.  He has his own special knife (one of those green lettuce knives…plastic, sharp enough to cut vegetables, not sharp enough to cut fingers) and trots off to get his own cutting board whenever he sees me starting to cook.  He helps to cut every vegetable that crosses my cutting board, and I often assign the food processor to him.  He sets it up, puts in the ingredients, turns it on and off.  He has his fingers in every pie, he is the official “quality control” manager, he knows how to run all the machines,  and he is a darn good conversationalist.




6 thoughts on “in the kitchen

  1. Benjamin, too, loves to “help you?” in the kitchen. He and Gramma are quite the egg and pancake duo. Unfortunately, I have only really inspired Mac and cheese at home. And cookies. May need to look into this lettuce knife!

  2. I had to look up the recipes you mentioned–yummy! The Crash Hot Potatoes are almost exactly like a recipe in the Costco magazine a few months back and has become a staple in our house too. This one comes from America’s Test Kitchen. The one difference is that they steam the potatoes in the oven (2 lb potatoes, 3/4 c water in foil covered sheet pan at 525 for 20-30 min) rather than boiling and then roll them around in the oil before crushing. I like the “one pot” (er pan) method!!

    I have a pomegranate in the fridge but no cauliflower–methinks I need to try that recipe as soon as I can get to the store.

    I’m thinking of checking out the lettuce knife too! I think Holly would help me more in the kitchen if I could let go and let her get messy (spilling, splashing, flour everywhere sort of mess) without freaking out. The other day I was making cupcakes for her birthday and she desperately wanted an egg. To crush and then play with. I struggle with the question of whether that is wasteful or if it is inspiring creativity. I want to encourage her to be both creative and to value food–how do I do both?

  3. Definitely get a lettuce knife, guys. Doesn’t work well on lettuce, but it’s great for kids.

    Sara, I’m all for the one pan method, definitely will try it out. And I don’t think an egg here or a carrot there will harm Holly’s sense of food value. 🙂 Totally with you on the freaking out. I’m posting some ideas for kids in the kitchen soon!

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