Snot, Kiri, and the Garden

:: I got to yoga today and discovered that I had a smear of baby snot on my shoulder. Or maybe it was drool. (Two teeth coming right up!) I was reminded again that pink is the best color for hiding snot. Not black.

It wasn’t too noticeable (no boogers, thank goodness) and it brought a smile to my face.
I love my life and today I’m extra mindful, extra grateful that I get to spend my days doing something I love.

:: Kiri has a wonderful life. There are so so many benefits to being the fourth baby. We say that she is the most loved baby…because she has the most people to love her. That baby girl is just showered with love.

Someone creeps in to our room every morning to see if Kiri is awake yet. The three older kids sit on the bed and pass her around, so everyone gets some of the early morning smiles. On the rare morning that they get distracted with activities in the living room, Kiri looks around, and I imagine she’s a bit puzzled.

She’s always going adventuring. Someone will come and get her and carry her off for some sort of frolic. When they’re tired, they bring her back.

I’ll often find her perched somewhere next to a little girl and a pile of dolls. Or snuggled up with Lia and a book. Or being loved on by Levi. When she’s in the walker Levi can take her places, too. He likes that.

They turn to Kiri in times of disappointment or tears. She’s better than a stuffed animal when in need of a little comfort.

She’s such a bright, warm, calm little being. We look at each other several times a day and I nod in agreement, It’s a wonderful life.

:: So the backyard is a disaster. Neglected. Forlorn. Ugly. Morning glory vines taking over everything. The creeping fig vine had half fallen off of the back wall due to an unfortunate incident with the clipping shears (six months ago). Undernourished roses. It’s pretty bad. And embarrassing.

But, see, we’ve been house hunting for almost four years now, always intending to move soon. So I haven’t been able to justify putting a bunch of money into a garden we will up and abandon. I just can’t bring myself to do it. I. Just. Can’t.

I think I’ve finally come up with a solution that will help me to break out of this state of utter garden dejection and paralyzation.

We are going to weedwhack a great deal of the garden down to the ground (leaving up only beloved and flourishing perennials). Rake the soil to expose the roots of the weeds so that they will die. Let the next batch of weeds start up then rake the bejeebees out of them, too.

Then we are going to buy a $13 packet of seeds (butterfly habitat!) and sow liberally. All over. No planning, nothing.

If I decide later in the year to plant tomatoes (but what if we are going to move? says the voice), I’ll just dig up whatever already grew. So there. POA stated.

Now I just need to buy the string thingy for the weedwhacker because we used the last bit of it today and we’ve barely gotten started. Courage, Leilani!


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