Day’s End

I did not end the day well.  Chronos, definitely.

{Don’t understand the reference?  Read this.  Best treatise on the concept of enjoying every moment I’ve read.  At least skim to the end, because I have a feeling I’m going to be labeling things chronos and kairos for awhile and you might want to know what on earth I’m talking about.}

It was just one of those days where I worked my little tail off and was always behind.  Like hours behind.  Which made me feel a little frantic.  So by the time we got to bedtime…well, here’s how it went, does it sound familiar?

Dinner’s finished.  Everything was salty.  The tofu was salty.  The miso soup was salty.  The bokchoy was salty.  There wasn’t enough rice to balance it out.  Or any rice wine vinegar to save the bokchoy.

Devo’s off to his evening meeting after making a good effort on the dishes.  I shoo the kids off to the shower (this week we’re trying showering at night to make the morning easier) and aim to finish washing the dishes and sweeping the floor.  Because there is a pizza crust from Sunday on the floor. Among other things.

Kiri watches me from her walker.  I hear the resounding sounds of small beings hollering in the echo-y shower.  Mooommmmyyyyy.  Shake conditioner out of the nearly empty bottle.  Return to kitchen, scrub at dishes.  Put two chairs up.  Levi needs his towel, he needs to go poo-poo, he can’t go by himself.  Kiri begins to fuss.  Levi needs the heater.  But he needs to go poo-poo and he needs me to go with him.  But he’s wet and slides off the toilet.  Because he needs a towel.  Kiri fusses.

No poo-poo. Kiri, laying on the floor in the hall, registers her boredom.

Go to get girls out of shower.  They are not feeling the frantic mother vibes, they are feeling calm and soothed.  And therefore do not move with anything resembling focus and purpose.  Lia has been flipping her hair up and over in the shower, it’s full of knots.  Shake remaining drops out of conditioner out of the bottle, begin applying comb.

Amelie, “Mommyyyy, Levi’s pooping!!!!”

Drop comb, rush to the other bathroom to find that PHEW, he’s gone in the potty, instead of on the bedroom floor.  Reprimand myself for getting all wigged out about something that didn’t even happen.  Notice that the slight rash around Levi’s belly button has gotten wider.  Try to examine limbs and trunk of moving body in faulty light.  (We’re currently in a high alert for the chicken pox.)  Can’t really tell the difference between the bumpy dry skin eczema stuff and the red rash.  Is it from the hot shower?  Are there early chicken pox bumps?  Does he have food allergies and we’re going to have to become dairy free, gluten free, sugar free, corn free?

Levi wiggles.  Kiri expresses indignation.  Lia is still singing in the shower.

Get Lia out of the shower.  Comb two girls’ hair (“why do we have to brush our hair when we’re going to bed?”).  Kiri fusses.

Slather bag balm on Levi’s worst spots and lubriderm everywhere else.  Slow, slow, slow.  Kiri fusses.  Take a picture of the belly button for my mom (personal triage nurse).  Put on his jammies (they’re itchy!), remove them and put on a second pair (they’re not itchy!).

Change Kiri into a clean diaper and jammies, to the incessant tune of “why?” from my constant companion.  Girls wander by.

Girls, I plead, please just get in bed.

Grab the ipod (I wasn’t up to reading a story while competing with Kiri and Levi for volume per usual), the iphone (for texting mom the picture), and the baby (for nursing).  Put it all down to fling Levi into his crib.  Hush and shush in a most unbecoming manner.  Fiddle with the ipod until I realize it isn’t plugged in.  Pick up the noisy baby to nurse and sit back to text my mom while hushing and shushing the conversations.  Kiri clamps and pulls.  Levi asks questions, Lia requests volume adjustment.

Mommy sighs.  Apologizes.  Kisses.  Tucks in.  Sits down with baby to listen to the lullabies.  Does another round of kisses and snuggles until Kiri’s wiggling and engaging smiles inspire energy in other small people.  Retreat.  Turn on hall lights.  Sit in living room chair and search for the outside world, for a few moments to regain sanity.  Try not to berate myself for looking at the ipad instead of at my baby.  Sometimes I just need a little space.  Please.

Things are calm now.  Kiri’s sleeping.  Levi’s diaper is changed (again), the ipod is quiet.  I did pick up the pizza crust but I didn’t sweep the floor.  Didn’t put away the dishes either.  Hope the ants don’t discover the floor between now and tomorrow.  Texted with a friend, words of encouragement.  I’m really craving Silk chocolate soymilk as a solace and I don’t think rice milk with ovaltine is going to meet the need.

But really, it was a good day.  We did some good work at school, even if it was barely half of the routine.  Cleaned out my inbox.  Got partway through the long list of tasks to do on the internet.  Bought the Audubon app for trees, mammals, birds, and wildflowers…then had the satisfaction of seeing the kids exploring it with laughter and interest (it’s fabulous, can’t wait to take it on nature walks).  Made two meals, didn’t eat out once.  Read for an hour with the girls all about the Parthenon, feeling sick when learning of that Venetian cannonball that destroyed it.  Saw Devo more than usual for a Tuesday.

It was a good day.  I just wish it had ended better.  Try again tomorrow?



5 thoughts on “Day’s End

  1. Aaaaaaah. I feel ya!!! Thanks for the run down, very encouraging for those of us that might have thought your days were all smooth as silk. Those children of yours look like such angels, I couldn’t imagine them fussing or needing help going potty. ;p Real life. Love it. Glad you were able to get some outside world time and encouragement at the end of the day. Hope tomorrow goes so so so much better. Remember it is full moon season. =) Sometimes I feel like kairos and full moons are mutually exclusive.

  2. Loved the kairos/chronos blog when I stumbled across it a few days ago. Lots of chronos here lately. Actually packed a diaper in my lunch bag…thinking the granola bar ended up in Benjamin’s bag. Thank goodness JB is back from Seattle.

  3. You do realize that you accomplish more in 2 hours than I do in weeks right? And I thought that he was going to poop someplace other than the potty too.

    Once when we took Abby camping we kept encouraging her to squat to go pee/poo outside. My little princess would have nothing to do with THAT. Oh no no! We hauled that silly baby potty on countless outings. I had mostly resigned myself that I was going to have to go on all outdoor adventures with a potty chair strapped to my back pack.

    Well we had a party one afternoon and our guests are all inside chatting while Abby played outside. Suddenly one of our guests got the strangest look on her face and all attention turned to the 3 year old naked, squatting in the back yard pooping. We all stood there speechless until she came to the door full of pride and announced “Mama, I pooped outside!” =/

    I have only one and am constantly amazed by you. Keep up the good work…and sense of humor! I love you!

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