beauty questing

I notice that the laces on my right shoe have a grand collection of knots, knotted carefully until they stick out like an errant pigtail. Trying to remember when someone might have had a chance to put what is obviously an awful amount of labor and concentration into my shoelaces.

:: I’m trying to make one step forward in my quest for beauty each week. Or week-ish. Or as often as possible. I’m planning to jot down some of my successes (and failures, meh) here as I go along. Maybe someday I’ll even include a photo.

:: Put together an IKEA Billy bookcase this morning in 21 minutes flat. Approximately half the time it took to put together the first one. Some days are for listening to (or trying to listen to) TED talks and letting Levi “knock” all the nails. Other days are for getting it done, baby.

Said bookcases are headed upstairs into our school room. It’s my first big step in taking charge of the beauty in my life. Beauty and function = bliss. Bye bye room full of mismatched, under and over-sized bookcases. Hello, Billy.

:: The girls have been sleeping under twin-sized blankets on their full-size bed for, oh, about two years.

I finally decided to take my fate into my own hands and go ahead and buy a proper comforter. (Have I mentioned that I have a really hard time spending money?)

No quilting at this time if I wanted it done before the end of winter. Or summer. Or next winter.

I diligently narrowed down our internet choice to one that everyone liked, and went to click check out. I was determined to take my purchasing power into my own hands and procure something that we needed and liked. Comforter or bust, that was my motto.

But I just. couldn’t. pay. one-hundred-and-FIFTY-dollars.

For a blanket.

Defeated once again, the skimpy twin comforter mocked me every morning: You’re an internet shopping failure. How hard can it be to find a nice looking comforter? No matter how straight you pull me, I will never look good. Cackle, cackle.

And then, the shopping stars aligned.

We stepped into Ross to pick up some pillow cases and what did we see, but our chosen comforter. In the right size. For FIFTY DOLLARS!!!

Eeeeeee! (I’m doing my Liesl von Trapp impersonation).

So now we have bright pink flowers and it covers the whole bed. Levi inherited the twin comforter and it looks properly fluffy and decadent in his crib. And we are all so happy. Including our bank account.

Now if only a nice, modern couch would land in my lap in similar fashion. (Do you know how many ugly couches there are on craigslist, do you?)


4 thoughts on “beauty questing

  1. way to go, Leilani! 🙂 you are really doing a super job rockin’ it with 4 kids! i feel like I’m sinking with 3!! i like your once a month project idea! sounds like you’ve got a great deal at Ross! yay!

  2. Ah, thank you, Sarah. Even without having met you personally, I know why you’re called Sarah Sunshine.

    What, Laura, you haven’t invested the 45 minutes per blind string to have unknotted strings again? Hahahaha.

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