Whole Food Kitchen – Week 1


I have food on the brain tonight.

Today I started my first online workshop (first anything workshop, really) Whole Food Kitchen and I’m off and running.

It probably points to my personality that I didn’t run straight to the kitchen to whip up one of the ten recipes Heather gives each week.

No, I did the philosophical assignment first. (Does that surprise anyone? I thought not.)

What surfaced through the exercise is that I am ready to let go of guilt and fear when it comes to food.

The voice thunders from above, “You must eat in this [insert most recent health hype] prescribed way of true healthfulness, or you will suffer from cancer, chronic illness, and all other manners of diseased being. You are pond scum, you are a loser, you have no self-control, you should berate yourself for your failure with many emotional flagellations.”

I admit I am susceptible to cowering. Or, more often, cringing, which has the same root as cowering.

I’m tired of being swayed by the capricious world of “healthy eating”. (Eat soy, it’s the wonder food! Don’t eat soy, it will harm your children, give you all manner of diseases, ruin your existence!)

Guilt and fear are highly overrated. I prefer balance, common sense, and some intuition.

Three things from my week one assignment ::

1. One of the steps I’m taking towards the eradication of fear and guilt is to avoid dogmatic health messages in all their forms in order to make room for a more spacious working philosophy.

(That was a very long sentence.)

2. I have set my intention for this workshop. (I love that Heather is a yoga teacher, “set your intention” is such a yoga thing). Wide open. Gather.

3. And lastly, the articulation of my current food philosophy :: Eat well. Most of the time that means to eat healthfully of simple whole foods. But to eat well also includes eating for pure pleasure and epicurean joy.


2 thoughts on “Whole Food Kitchen – Week 1

  1. Hurrah!!!! And what diet do you subscribe to? I am a flexitarian. May I not be rigid. May I be open. May I ENJOY eating!!! Bravo!!!
    Guilt be gone! (Yes, exclamation points were needed, tee hee)

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