Pioneer bonnets



I started these bonnets during the last hurrah of pregnancy.  I thought they’d be a fun thing to help the girls while away some of the slow hours in those first few weeks.

It was a great idea.

I finally finished them today.  Seven months for two bonnets.  Not bad, my girl, not bad at all.

{McCalls 9424, sewn exactly as suggested.} 

Now that I’ve got my fabric stash back at my fingertips (note to self: when fabric is in boxes, no sewing happens), I can hardly decide what to do next.

A few ideas have been swirling around.

:: I have a set of red velvet curtains that have been retired from curtain-dom.  Little Red Riding Hood capes lined with satin?

:: Dresses and aprons to go with the pioneer bonnets for Laura and Mary?

:: Greek togas? (I believe I have been remiss in mentioning here that we are currently enamored with Greek gods and goddesses, and the mythology in general.  Aphrodite and Helen flit around gorgeously bedecked in play silks and vintage table cloths.)

:: A dress for me from a vintage (50s?) pattern I picked up thrifting?  (But do I really want to go through all that effort only to have it not fit next year?)

:: A skirt for me?  (Not so much effort).

:: Something pretty for Kiri?  This is my last chance to sew for my babies…believe it or not, I never sewed one single thing for one of my babies.  …I take that back, I made Amelie a rag quilt.  I never sewed a single item of clothing for one of my babies.

:: Something very ruffly and swishy and delightful?


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