day’s end, family, valentines, birthday

:: day’s end

Holy moly, holy cannoli, what a day this has been.  It’s going to take me a week to recover, I can just feel it.

Everyone was just bouncing off the walls, wild and untamable.  Grumpy and irritable.  And I woke up with a short fuse that never got any longer.

We were a happy bunch today.  Not.

The energy in the house was just reverberating, there was very little flow, even less peace.

About 4:30 in the afternoon, it started to rain, and suddenly the energy current snapped and we were back in this time warp.  I swear it is the weather that does this to us.  Lia is particularly sensitive to these changes in weather.

And it’s not quite over yet.  People are not sleeping yet, and believe me, there is no grace being handed out tonight from the parent in charge.  No siree.

I don’t know whether to be miffed, mindful, or amazed that our children have such a connection to the natural world.

Right now I’m just wiped. out.  Let’s not do that again, okay?

:: family ties

We’re slowly getting back into the swing of regular life after three delightful weeks with grandparents and an uncle.  First my dad Jim came down from Alaska.  Then he went on to Cabo (lucky bum) and in flew Devo’s mom and younger brother.  They were here for about two weeks and besides everyone coming down with a (mercifully mild) cold, we managed to get around quite a bit.

My brother-in-law got to go to the beach and snowboarding all in one vacation.  Went to a museum, had a Super Bowl celebration, went to the zoo, did some shopping.

I managed to turn out some pretty tasty meals and almost broke my arm patting myself on the back.  (It’s no small feat when dealing with allergies to wheat, sugar (diabetes), soy, dairy, and a few other things.)  Hooray for whole foods!

Just to think that four or five months ago I was approaching depression when surveying a bleak, family-less year ahead.  And then they all miraculously appear!  And not all at the same time!

It’s been so satisfying, so good to hug the people I love.

::  valentine’s

Tomorrow is Valentine’s Day and I’m so grateful that we did something Valentine-y last week.

I have a terrible time doing planned holiday activities on the actual holiday.  There’s so much pressure to do it on the holiday’s schedule, that I usually buckle and do nothing at all.

Tomorrow I’m aiming for heart shaped pancakes (thanks pinterest!).  Surely I can get pancakes in during the course of three meals.

:: birthday

I had a birthday a week or so ago.  February 3.  I love the date of my birthday, it seems so special, so feminine.  (Does anybody else feel this way about the date of their birthday or is it just me?)

February 3, 2012, was pretty lame.  Sick and tired sums it up, minus the details.

Early in the morning, when it became clear that none of my plans for my birthday were going to come to pass (see above note), I decided to move my birthday this year.  A Grand Birthday Do-Over.

My Do-Over Birthday was great!  I had seen this cake and been dying to make one.  And I really wanted a cake stand on which to put it.  Reeeeeeally wanted the cake stand.  Reeeeeeally bad.

So for my birthday (#2), we went to Sur la Table and bought me a cake stand.  And we baked a cake and layered it with boysenberry jam, whipped cream, and blackberries.  And we put out table mats to make our table pretty.  And it was just lovely.




One thought on “day’s end, family, valentines, birthday

  1. Aaaaah. I would like to write a very long reply. Because I resonate with almost every paragraph!! We had a tough day. I have nothing of note planned for special day tomorrow and have a general distaste for the pressure to perform that holidays bring. I don’t know how you can cook like that for so many people! It sounds like you need another birthday. Actually…why must we limit a celebration of ourselves to once a year?????

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