aiming for lovely

I’m aiming for the lovely these days.

I’m trying to learn how to slow down and create little pockets of beauty. Which means that at the moment I am entranced with Posie Gets Cozy.

I’ve never been one to make something just because it’s pretty. I want it to be useful, too. I want beauty to be integrated into my real life, making little frames around daily activities, small tableaus to feast upon.

Creating these spaces and places seem to take lots and lots of slowing down. Not being slowed down (a la making dinner with a toddler attached to my leg and a baby on my hip). But slowing down, an internal shift.

It also takes a little bit of time to go out of my way to get out the candle, or push the chairs in just so, or contribute an extra half load of laundry just for table linens.

And it takes a certain freedom of mind and spirit when the pretty things get up and walk away, or get knocked over, or drawn on, or (as in the case of our one candle at dinner this evening) blown out 90 seconds into the meal.

Not all of the joy is limited to the experience, the soaking it in, resting my eyes on something pretty. Some of the joy comes in the creating. For my children, some of the joy comes in the destroying in the name of play. Love demolition, that’s us.

Just something I’m working on right now.


2 thoughts on “aiming for lovely

  1. hmmmm…wow, I have given up on beauty {even personal hygiene sometimes} because of this stage of life. But I just love pretty things and wish my home could be…..well, I guess I’d just be happy if it were clean. You’re in your thirties now, aren’t you? 😉 So much for me to look forward to.

  2. Ahh, but so much beauty in just sitting and watching the creativeness of the young Kritzingers! So much beauty in their songs, dances, jokes, smiles, snuggles, giggles.

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