feng shui, lent, birds

:: Today we carted off a pile of stuff from the garage floor.  It was a gigantic pile.  It was seriously messing up my feng shui.

We made three or four personal deliveries, and a whole trunk load for charity.

It’s the first time I’m not saving stuff “for the next baby”, so we are experiencing the joy of passing things on to others.  Freely we have received, freely give.

:: If I had been really brave, we would have carted off half of our furniture, too.  So tired of our tired old couch.  But as we like to sit all together snuggled and scrunched up, I kept it and managed to round up some goodwill towards it.

(Do you know how many ugly couches there are on craigslist?  Do you?)

:: My grandpa has been in and out of the hospital the last two months or so.  It’s hard being so far away.

:: Lent has started and I’ve decided to mark these days with prayer.  Didn’t start on time, don’t always remember, sometimes don’t even have a clear idea why I’m doing what (in more ways than one, haha), but still moving forward towards Holy Week and Easter.

:: My Whole Foods Online Workshop is in it’s fourth week now.  Truthfully, I’m feeling discouraged about how little I’ve been able to do with it.  I haven’t gotten to try hardly any of the recipes (haven’t been to the grocery store where we buy our fruits and vegetables…apparently in a month), haven’t gotten to really soak in the modules.  I haven’t even gotten to watch any of the videos all the way through.  (The kids have, though.)

This week I’m aiming to move past my discouragement and cultivate gratefulness to the box of fruits and veggies that arrives on my doorstep every Friday.  I may not have all the ingredients to make new and tantalizing recipes, but I do have good, healthy, organic food to cook with.  Lots of leafy greens this week.

:: We are continuing our study of birds for another week.  The girls and I are LOVING The Trumpet of the Swan.  It’s living up to all my childhood memories.  What a delightful story, and so fun to read aloud.

We’ve discovered a house sparrow’s nest in our neighbor’s eaves, and we can see it from our upstairs windows.

We’ve identified that the birds in our backyard are white crowned sparrows, winter visitors to the Inland Empire.

Most exciting, we saw a hummingbird’s courting display.  Up it zooms, high into the air, then swoops down.  Again and again.

I’m liking bird courtship study as an antidote to princess stories (in which the boy does the choosing).  In the bird world, the boys do acrobatics and sing beautiful songs, and the girls do the choosing.  No passive acceptance of fate here.



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